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Well, this set of posts shows who the enthusiasts are, and who just rides motorcycles! Shows who has had their bike screwed up at the shop, and who would prefer to screw it up themselves! Somethings I do (like oil changes, simple service and brake pad replacement), somethings I know better than to attempt!

After one instance of brake pads falling out (that were installed improperly by a dealer's now former mechanic) and putting my ass on the ground (yeppers, could have killed me) that is one operation that I do on ALL of my bikes (except the antique). Fortunatly for me, the pads somehow managed to stay in and work for 100 miles (distance from dealer to home, the retaining cotter key was missing on both both calipers) before falling out, while backing out of the garage (driveway is about a 6% grade). Cost the dealer an ass reaming, a saddle bag, running lights for the minivan we hit and some other sundry replacement parts.

Matter of fact, doing a 'brake job' on my Beemer this weekend and on whichever Harley I decide to ride (yes, ride, some of us still get to Daytona that way) to Daytona by way of Mouton Cove, La. for Mardi Gras (if freaking grand jury duty doesn't screw it up) right before Daytona!

You folks who just ride your bikes cannot possibly know them as well as the guy who at least tries to work on it himself. Man, never working on it yourself is like letting someone else do your SO, so you don't have to be bothered.....

One more thing, who was the gutless worm who wouldn't even sign his nasty ass comment? What a wuss....Staff my arse.....

James Allmond

Macon, Ga


00 BMW K1200LT

88 HD FLHS/Watsonian Sodecar Rig

51 HD ServiCar (has antique (Studebaker) drum brakes, I don't touch those damn things)
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