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CBR1000RR Intro

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The two-tone lowers really screw the pooch by flattening out the bike's natural upswept / high tail lines. Makes it look boring ... um, I mean, like a Honda.
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Wow, so the thing we saw last week was not a bodged-up Photoshop deal after all. Funny it still looks like one in the flesh. Have I seen a production bike before with a silver swingarm and a black frame? Not that i can remember. Lower front fairing makes it look really heavy to my eyeballs but probably really good aero-wise? Given the sudden engine oversquareness of this thing and the R1 and ZX10 and the hp claims, I think you'll experience a significant performance increase this year even compared to gsxr1000... nuthin ho-hum about it.
Re: Hayden replica

i'm with you man, 2-cyl. Honda will be a rare bird one day now that race rules tilt back toward 4-banger. If i had a collection I'd collect that one. Also a blast to ride in the here and now.
1 - 3 of 73 Posts
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