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CBR1000RR Intro

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The two-tone lowers really screw the pooch by flattening out the bike's natural upswept / high tail lines. Makes it look boring ... um, I mean, like a Honda.
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I'm sure it's very technically cool, but I'm sure it'll still give me hip cramps in the first 1/10th mile.

And I agree about the paint. They didn't even do the flat black right, and make the whole bike that color. 'Moonstone silver metallic'? I guess the paint scheme at least has the advantage of making you feel really good about painting your new motorcycle flat black the day you bring it home.

I guess I still need to build my own sportbike if I want one that'll fit. I swear I don't know how my 'big' brother (an inch shorter and 20 lbs lighter) rides his RC51. Maybe I'll build a sportbike out of my Warrior. ;)

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1 - 1 of 73 Posts
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