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CBR1000RR Intro

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The two-tone lowers really screw the pooch by flattening out the bike's natural upswept / high tail lines. Makes it look boring ... um, I mean, like a Honda.
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Re: CBR1000RR is nice but...

I agree! The CBF250 is one sharp-looking little puppy. Beautiful lines everywhere, especially around the tank, and check out that instrument panel. Large, easily read dials, with bright idiot lights, plus an LCD with a clock, a tripmeter and a fuel gauge. Shoot... I have a BMW R1150R, and I'd be thrilled to add this little guy to the stable for running around town.

Hey Honda N.A.! Throw out the Nighthawk 250, that bike has run its course and then some. Import the CBF250, and I'll buy a silver one in a heartbeat!
1 - 1 of 73 Posts
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