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CBR1000RR Intro

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The two-tone lowers really screw the pooch by flattening out the bike's natural upswept / high tail lines. Makes it look boring ... um, I mean, like a Honda.
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Who let the Katana stylist into the CBR lab?
I feel your pain. I own a 954 and love it, but I got sick of hearing it bashed in the media as it had dull styling, lack of power etc. (none of which I agree with) Then, big bad Honda comes out with their "revolutionary" 600RR, and, when looking at the comparison between it and the F4i in Motorcyclist hard numbers (just one example of course), it has a few more horsepower, but is heavier and slower in the 1/4mi. I don't ride on the track, so that extra weight and lack of acceleration really do matter to me. I don't care that the extra heft becomes unnoticable on the track...I'm never on the damn thing. Anyway, my point is, Honda seems to aim for the competitions prior models, never to set the standard like they used to. I guess it comes down to sales numbers which are apparently good enough. But to us freaks who really do care about how bikes rate vs. their competition, Honda has come up short. There, I feel better now.
Yeah, no screwing of any pooches in Michigan.
Uhhh....what exactly did Mr. Barnum say again?
Have you ever seen a 999 in person? The pictures were awful in my opinion too, but I saw on in the flesh at a dealership and it's actually pretty damn sexy. Just curious. That may also apply to this bike. Not so great in photos, but maybe in person it will be outstanding. Or maybe it will be as boring as I'm expecting!
1 - 5 of 73 Posts
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