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CBR1000RR Intro

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The two-tone lowers really screw the pooch by flattening out the bike's natural upswept / high tail lines. Makes it look boring ... um, I mean, like a Honda.
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That's one ugly-a$$ motorcycle.

-The People
"never overestimate the intelligence of the American consumer"

What about guys who have 600's and 750's and are ready for something faster but don't know what to get?
I'm sure it's very technically cool, but I'm sure it'll still give me hip cramps in the first 1/10th mile.

And I agree about the paint. They didn't even do the flat black right, and make the whole bike that color. 'Moonstone silver metallic'? I guess the paint scheme at least has the advantage of making you feel really good about painting your new motorcycle flat black the day you bring it home.

I guess I still need to build my own sportbike if I want one that'll fit. I swear I don't know how my 'big' brother (an inch shorter and 20 lbs lighter) rides his RC51. Maybe I'll build a sportbike out of my Warrior. ;)

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Buy a used CBR900RR. The cool factor is off the chart and it will be plenty fast for you, wrecks.
Re: Fugly paint...

I agree. An all red CBR would be awesome. The best looking CBR900 ever made was their all red version. Who the hell came up with this flat black crap anyway? If I wanted a primer color, I'd go to a junk yard and latch onto a defunct Pinto, Vega, or Yugo.
Wow, so the thing we saw last week was not a bodged-up Photoshop deal after all. Funny it still looks like one in the flesh. Have I seen a production bike before with a silver swingarm and a black frame? Not that i can remember. Lower front fairing makes it look really heavy to my eyeballs but probably really good aero-wise? Given the sudden engine oversquareness of this thing and the R1 and ZX10 and the hp claims, I think you'll experience a significant performance increase this year even compared to gsxr1000... nuthin ho-hum about it.
The reason that the Honda gets the nod as the best, even though it is slower is more due to Honda's huge advertising budget that the mags depend on than any mysterious power to make a poorer performing bike "better" than the faster ones.
Re: CBR1000RR is nice but...

I agree! The CBF250 is one sharp-looking little puppy. Beautiful lines everywhere, especially around the tank, and check out that instrument panel. Large, easily read dials, with bright idiot lights, plus an LCD with a clock, a tripmeter and a fuel gauge. Shoot... I have a BMW R1150R, and I'd be thrilled to add this little guy to the stable for running around town.

Hey Honda N.A.! Throw out the Nighthawk 250, that bike has run its course and then some. Import the CBF250, and I'll buy a silver one in a heartbeat!
That's horse*****. Look at the lap-times. A superior chassis that is more rider-friendly can overcome a horsepower deficiency. Also think about torque-curves.... No use having an extra 20 horsepower if you can't put it to the ground.

My hypothetical liter-bike shootout preview from an (unnamed) motorcycle rag:
  • Kawasaki ZX-10R = best brakes
  • Yamaha YZF-R1 = best motor
  • Suzuki GSX-R1000 = best lap times
  • Honda CBR1000RR = best ... um ... all-around ... errr ...

And the winner is: CBR1000RR!!!!
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You're right. The US paint schemes are so much better. That has got to be a first: the US getting the cool paint scheme (or whatever) and Europe getting the shaft.
At least they've managed to hide those hideous gas-tank seams.
Other honda weirdness...

From the US Site:

WE get the Hornet 600 (badged as the "599"). Last year's model. Europe gets a new model. And last years model was inferior to last year's Fazer 600.

This year, we get the NEW FZ6, which looks like a significant leap forward over the old one. Oh, and the FZ6 will cost ~$6.3k (SV-S range), while Honda wants $7k for the Hornet? Dream on, Honda.

The 599 is DOA. You heard it here first.

Europe also gets a new version of the CB5 (CBF500) and a new 250 (CBF250). We don't, but as americans don't buy small bikes and don't have gradiated liscencing,thats not a suprise. But its interesting that Honda is really putting out the ABS in europe: the hornet 600, CBF500, CBF250, and Valadero all have available ABS.
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It would be useful if the Honda spec page told us something about weight and / or horsepower. Instead, they're happy to inform us that this all-new bike has a paper air filter! That certainly influences my buying decisions.
People still ride 750s?!?! LOL
***** work dammit, lets ride!!
Re: Other honda weirdness...

No wonder why Honda never brings over any different bikes. When they do it's last years inferior model for more coinage than the competitors competing models. It's starting to ***** me off, I've always liked Honda, but I think I'm getting something else for my next few bikes unless they get their act together.
It seems the Blackbird has flown the coop.
I was only being a little sarcastic.

If people like them then by all means buy them. After all, that's what makes the economy go. Plus it gluts the used bike market and allows cheapskates like me to get 5 year old GSXRs really really cheap.

And heck, the capabilities of these bikes passed me by a so long ago that I'd be perfectly happy with a '92 Hurricane.

I just like to chuckle about all the oooohing and ahhing that goes on in response to marketing ploys. The new bikes are barely better than last years. No reason to buy the CBR1000 when you can get an '03 CBR954 for 8500 clams including a smoking deal on interest rates.

Any of these literclass bikes will launch you right off the Angeles Crest into the atmosphere with the flick of a wrist. The functionality of these bikes is so close that differences are only noticeable by professional racers. Anyone else who makes such claims is fooling himself.
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