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Re: The Communist ways of MO

Hmm, missing posts. I once thought there was a problem because I would see threads, and then clicked on them but they wouldn't show any thing.

I've seen a few posts about them removing comments, which I find very alarming. Rating them, censoring them (for profanity), is fine. But completely removing them because they (MO) doesn't agree with them, is wrong.

Check out the comments for this story. When I was writing this, it said 21 comments (underneath the actual story), but I only counted 19. On the AHRMA 2001 Schedule story it says 9 comments, but I only count 5.

This was with my threshold set to "-1". At first I thought I just wasn't viewing them all, so I changed my threshold to "-1", but there were still missing comments.

MO if you're going to remove the comments, cover your tracks and update the counter so it isn't so apparent.
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