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Cell Phones Overburden Cagers' Tiny Brains

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Woo hoo, 1st post.

Most drivers can't handle the task of just driving.
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hmm...i've seen a vtx rider with loudpipes on the phone on the freeway.
Effective multi-tasking is a myth. You can only do so much with your brain bandwidth.

How do I get a self-evident research grant? I did stupid hypersonic stability....dumbass.
I knew a guy that was always reading the newspaper while he drove. When I asked him why he did that, he replied that he "needed something to do while he was driving." Scary. Now we have the cell phone freaks. I commute every morning at 06:00 and half the people I see are on the cell phone. I really want to ask a few who the f&ck are you talking to at 6 o'clock in the effin morning???
This is something the AMA ought to be pursuing hard! But no, they're too concerned about the volume of our exhausts and thickness of padding in our helmets and jackets.
You guys have to go read the whole article. One of the key "distractions" in that "study" was the operation of basic vehicle controls. It's just plain dumb. Cell phones are NOT a distraction unless you let them become so. Have you guys ever flown a plane? You have to talk to like four people simultaneously some times - on different radio frequencies - while keeping an eye out for other planes, all of the critical flight controls etc. etc.

I hate these studies. They're just looking for another way to interfere because a handful of idiots are more focused on their cheeseburger and the kids in the back than on "driving". A$$holes.

An inconsiderate driver not paying attention to operating his or (more frequently) her vehicle in a responsible fashion will still be so even when you eliminate all outside distractions. It's a reductio ad absurdum situation with these people, and the papers misrepresent the meaning of the data so grotesquely that ... you know what? Rant off.

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Edit: I might be referencing a different study that was published yesterday or the day before - I kind of assumed that they were the same one, but I could be wrong here. There's a multiplicity of groups out there trying to ensure that we all only drive in cushioned eggs at 30 MPH, while wearing helmets, safety straps, air bags, gel shock absorbers etc. etc. etc.
Yup, multi tasking ain't good. Just bit me in the rear yesterday. Thank goodness it wasn't vehicle related.

Not too long ago, there was a NOVA - or some such thing - looking at a couple of employers who actively seek out older folks for employment. That the older group made generally excellent employees was no real suprise. What was just a bit suprising was how quickly the ability to multi task drops off. The process is well on its way by your 40's. Just about the time you get promoted again, take on real responsibility and are yacking on your $$$ hands free system.

I've got one of those things in the company cage. Hmmmm, just what I need in ATL traffic - a phone call from a non rider corporate low life who really "needs to talk".

I've long resisted getting an intercom so my wife can improve her co-rider input for obvious reasons. Now thanks to ANON, looks like I have a bit more ammo in my battle to keep peace and quiet under my skid lid.
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Whoa, dude chill. I personally think its easier to fly a plane than the drive a car. Maybe its because of the 20 to 30 hours of instruction prior to solo, combined with classroom instruction that actually teaches you what you need to know to properly operate a small aircraft. Now maybe that s the way to go on groundcraft....
Just flew in my bosses Beech Bonanza the other day. No, wasn't kissing up. We had an office charity raffle and for once I won.

Interesting analogy, but seems a bit apples & oranges to me.

Comprehensive checklists, audio alarm backups, GPS, radars, on and on.

I'd never flown up ft with an IR rated pilot with current gen avionics prior to this little delight. Before I'd have considered pilots and riders to have a lot in common. Er, I'm not so convinced now. While there are plenty of dumb pilots, methinks that the cost of entry, complexity, continuing education requirements, etc., screens out a bit more of the goofballs than learning to ride a bike does.

Your analogy might be accurate for a Visual Flight Rules aircraft. I resisted calling them VFR's.
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I also have to disagree. The human brain just wasn't built for the type of "multi-tasking" that we're asking of it. If your plane is properly trimmed up, you can let go of the controls completely for at least 30 seconds while digging for a chart, changing a freq, etc. Flight instructors also teach people how to "mulit-task" by essentially telling them not to do it. Aviate, navigate, communicate - in that order.

In a car (or bike), things happen a whole lot faster and constant attention is required just to handle the equivalent of the aviate and navigate parts. The curious part of the whole situation, however, is the question of why it's easier to tune out folks who are actually in the car with you when a situation gets dicey, but you're likely to rear end a car in front of you at a red light while paying perfect attention to whoever you have on the line.
Brain scans, eh? Next you know they'll be feeling the bumps on people's heads.
"Hi, what are you doing?"

"driving to work, what are you doing?"

"Driving to work, you should see these people, they can't drive for s**t"

"Same here, Where'd they get their licenses? Oh S**t Now I spilled my coffee 'cause that guy in the truck made my lane stop"

"I hate that, why don't they just pay attention"

"I know, they're not even watching, well see you at lunch"

"ok see ya"

Multiply that by the number of cars you see and it pretty well covers 'em longride, one more reason to ride instead of drive.
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Yeah, but loud pipes save lives and not wearing a helmet or only wearing a beanie allows you to see and hear better, plus thick leather jackets cost more at the dry cleaners every week.
Looks like we'll need to stock up on tinfoil, I don't want the CIA reading my brainwaves.

If they want to know what I'm doing they can use the metal strips in my money to track me like they do everyone else.
EBass' informal study

I can say from personal experience on the SoCal freeways that 90% of the time when someone does something totally jacked up to me, I've reached into my "special pocket", extracted the "attention getter" ball bearing I retain for just such occasions, and have my arm fully ****ed, I look into the driver's side window to see a middle aged soccer mom on a celly, and just can't muster the sang froid necessary to let fly. Which sucks.

But someday I'm gonna do a "Falling Down" freak out, and when I do I'm aimig straight for the Nokia!
I agree-fly a Pitts on a 400 nm cross country VFR flight with flight following and you will learn to multi-task-or you get even better at recovery from loss of control. You might be able to release the controls of a Cessna 210 for 30 seconds but don't try that with an aircraft without positive dynamic stability.

Motorcycles are similar-you must multi-task to ride the darn thing. Though talking may not be part of equation, most of us use our ears & ass as much as our eyes on the tach to judge shift points.
I know I'm the minority here, but I think cell phones are fine. This is only true if the driver isn't already an idiot though. A cell phone isn't much different from talking to the person next to you.

Aside from dialing, I don't see much of a problem with just the cell phone. It's always the people who are trying to talk, write a phone number, looking for street signs and doing countless other things while they drive. People forget that driving is the main thing they are supposed to be doing.
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