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Changes in V-Twin Holdings

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I didn't see the word Motorcycle anywhere in this post.

Coporate headquarters, presidents, resignations, Hmmm.....does this mean Edwards has a good shot at a repeat??? LOL

Never heard of V-Twin Holdings Inc. Maybe I'm at the wrong website.

I'm looking for Can anyone tell me where it's at?

Well all I know is that I can finally sleep tonight now that I know their corporate headquarters is being moved to Las Vegas. Was real worried about that.

Sorry for being such a smartass but well......
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You're site is really starting to SUCK! And you want donations for this crap...
Relax... It's a motorcycle RELATED press release. If selectively filtered incoming press releases, and published only the ones that appeal to group X of the motorcycle loving population, they would lose credibility.
Gee, all these new faces and not one of them said - has ridden to Daytona 4 times or any other motorcycle experience. We like to bash Harley but at least the officers at Harley ride what they build and actually go to runs and talk to their customers...
V-Twin Holdings is the parent company for Ultra Motorcycle Company, formerly known as Bikers Dream, traded on the Nasdaq under the symbol "BIKR"
Yes, we suck. Thank you for the insight. We'll get back to the "my bike is better than yours," Harley vs. Sportbike flame fest tomorrow.

I think it would have helped to have a preamble and explain exactly who the #$*(# V-Twin Holdings is!

Other than beef here...well this beef but not THAT kind of beef...well ok maybe THAT kind of beef but no complaints :D :p
good to hear it minime....I was beginning to wonder what would happen to Hop-along-harley in his devastatingly brutal race again the fuel tank!!! Kawasaki Kazoo was really beating him up in the fuel mileage department! :p
Your site doesnt suck as mentioned above. Keep bringing different types of news, some people are interested in it, its only the complainers that say anything though, so its seems negative.

Anyone that isnt interested in this type of article, dont read it.
Or they can just read it and then not post negative comments. I mean I can understand posting a reply to the story, or something related to the story. But the constant whining of "this doesn't interest me so don't put the story up" is a bunch of crap (sh*t, turd, whatever fits and isn't filtered).

Maybe MO should just do away with the feedback on news stories. It is such a waste. There is usually some good info posted as well, but filtering through the negative responses gets old.

I'm even giving up posting things like "yeah I read this elsewhere days ago" which I used to post. I've come to accept they may not have the story first. But I will post things like "You can get more detail, pictures etc, over at this site..." and put the URL in.
V-Twin bought out the 2 CycleSport dealerships about a year or so ago in the northern Va area. CycleSport is a multi-franchise Jap bike dealer. Well, shortly after the purchase Kawasaki revoked both franchises. Apparently they Kawasaki won't let a publically held corporation own a franchise.

Another 2 location multi-franchise jap bike dealer (Coleman) was bought out by some other conglomeration. They not only lost their Kawasaki franchise, but one of the locations lost their Honda franchise as well. Ouch, that's going to hurt the bottom line. On the good side these two places (Coleman) were staffed by the biggest bunch of A-holes the motorcycle world has ever had in one place. May they all lose their jobs and have to live under a bridge.
Moderator points for pandering to the staff?

This story gets a moderator point for saying the site doesn't suck?

Is that what we're filtering on? Whether the comment strokes Brent's ego?

Insightful? Come on! Give it a moderator point for what it is... Score:2, A$$ Kissing.

Don't get me wrong, It's a fine thing when someone says something nice about MO, but I fail to see the "insight" in this post that makes it the highest point-total post at the time I loaded the page.

Those who criticized the original article had every right. It was presented without any context, and without the (truly insightful) comments of those readers who knew that V-Twin holdings was a publicly held chain of MC dealerships, it made absolutely no sense.

Maybe minime needs to lay off the sarcasm and apply himself towards editing these articles so that *ahem* paying readers will know what the heck MO is talking about.
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I used to live in Sterling and Fairfax VA. There was a Coleman and a CycleSport in the area. I eventually ran into FastlaneCycles and gave them my buisness. Rick Beggs (owner/racer) is pretty cool and knows what the hell he is talking about. It's mostely a roadracing oriented shop but he can get and do most anything you need.
Im assuming your referring to the Woodbridge location that lost their Honda franchise- as they is a new dealer just down the street from them that sell both Kawasaki&Honda only. You are right about their attitudes- pure arseholes who overcharge for $hitty service.

FastLanes does employ the better, friendlier attitude- but I had my share of problems with them before. Both with Rick & their clumsy mechanics.

Expierence with many of the NorthernVA dealers tells me that its best to do the work yourself. Get a Service Manual & save some $$$$. :)
Coleman (or what's left of it) deserves all it gets. I was in a bind for a new rear tire once and had to get it from Coleman. Not only did I have to suffer paying their prices but the checkout lady actually laughed at me for paying that much for a tire. That was the last time I stepped in the door at the Falls Church location.

The Woodbridge location was a little better. I had purchased several Shoeis for mail order prices. I was just down there a couple of weeks ago to peruse the bikes and noticed no Kawi's. If they lost Honda as well then they are in for some tough times. The did have a lot of Ducatis and Aprillias.

Where is the new Honda/Kawi shop down there?
The falls church loacation is where I bought my 97 GSXR. My wife called to get a quote on the price. We went down to look and the price increased a few hundred in just the drive to the store. I was not happy with my expereince at coleman to say the least.

Fastlane cycles in Fairfax. They are the guys!
When I left there was a cycle sport in Reston or Herndon.

It's had to tell when you enter or leave a city. It's all one big place if you ask me.

As far as Fastlanes I never really had my bike in to do work as I prefer to do my own. The only exception to that was when I got my bike saftey wired for the track. I thought they did a great job and paid attention to detail. The did things they didn't have to. For example I had stuck bar ends on but the screws were a bit to long and would bottom out before the bar end itself was snug up against the bar. As a result the would rattle and spin around.

When I picked up my bike not only was it safety wired but they noticed the bar ends and cut the screws to the proper length and resintalled. Now I could have done the same thing in only a few mintues but the fact that they did it for me without me asking I consider to be great service.

At the track Rick was always willing to take a minute or two and answer questions I had no matter how stupid they may have been.
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The new Kaw/Honda(Motorcycle Factory?) shop is just off Prince William Pkwy between Minniville Rd & the Sheetz Gas Station. Real hard to see once your on the Pkwy since they are behind a couple of commerical buildings & tall trees. The last time I was there, the owner mentioned putting up a huge billboard to help them get notice.

Also, you may wanna avoid "Thunder"- also in woodbridge. The owner, joey caters to both harleys & sportbikes- but usually dosent know what hes talkin about. Hes work is okay.
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