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Charge and Go Tank Bang

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German luggage specialists Bags Connection
have come up with an ingenious solution to the problem of carrying and charging electronic accessories (like mobile 'phone, sat nav or camcorder) with their new 12V Quick Lock tank bag collection.

The bags attach to the tank without straps or magnets, using the company's unique Quick Lock technology. Read More and here, company web site
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I've come-up with an even MORE ingenious solution - a 200w peak /100w cont. inverter from Wal-Mart ($17.98 - automotive dpt.) that's the size of your fist.

Couple that with a fused "Cigarette-lighter extension cord" ($6.98) with the male end cut-off it, and a couple of misc. connectors (FREE - 'cuz I had 'em already); and you got yerself a handy-dandy 120v AC outlet you can charge phones, laptops, other batteries (with their own 120v charger), run lights, small appliances, etc..........

I never leave home without it now.
Stupid-arse html - it put a smiley in the middle of my post.

Stupid $#@%...........
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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