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charging issue

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i have an 04 yamaha v star silverado classic cruiser with a stalling no start issue! here is what happens i recently installed new battery connections cleaned and tighten and took bike for a drive while driving my odometer disappeared the head lights when dim and about another mile later came back on and went off 1/2 mile after that then at a stop the bike died and would not restart! this trip was 15.3 miles! then i installed another battery and went back home once i put into the garage turned it off and went to start again seconds later the battery was dead! any information with this concern will help! thank you in advance Rick Bryant! you can email me at [email protected]
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A re-Volting development!

Lots of unknowns, but my guess is your charging system isn't charging.

You'll lose the headlight, and then when the system voltage gets down far enough, the ignition system doesn't have enough voltage to generate a spark, or the ECU ceases to function.
Charge the battery. Start the bike. Take a volt meter and observe the DC voltage across the battery at idle. Rev the engine while watching the voltmeter. The voltage should go up to quickly about 14.5VDC. If not the bike is not charging. If you don't have a voltmeter you can watch the headlight while idling and revving the bike. The light should increase in brightness a bit when you rev it from idle. If not then your bike isn't charging.

You can do this quick check with a meter if it isn't charging. Observe the meter while the engine is running at about 2000 rpm. Push and pull and wiggle the wires to the alternator, regulator, battery etc and see it the charging acts intermittently. If so you have pulled a connection loose or broke a wire while you were changing the battery. If not you've blown the regulator or stator or something. A manual will show you how to check those devices.
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where is the best place to get a full service technical repair manual for this bike?
and thank you for the words of advise i will definitely try these and see what i come up with later this evening when i get home illl keep you up to date on my prgress!
As is the case with virtually all bikes, the only source for honest-to-goodness service manuals is from the Dealers. And they are usually quite proud of them.

Haynes and/or Chiltons may have a manual for your bike, but they are generally not as exact as the Factory product.

If you find an electronic version, it is almost certainly pirated.

Good luck with the troubleshooting.

again thank you very much for your immediate response!
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