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Child abuse suspect hits and kills 3 bikers

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I am always saddened when I learn about a teenager who has done so much wrong, so young, and have to ask what were the events in this person's life leading to this end? Tragic. Senseless.
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It would appear that this perpetrator has already been punished by his own hand. No need to seek a venue change to South Dakota. VWW
Rarely have I felt as equally sad for all parties involved. I work with abused children and know all too well the great likelihood that the teenager driving the truck was seriously abused over a long period of time. At least five people have been destroyed by the person who abused the driver: The three bikers, the driver and the child he probably abused. Not to mention the lives of those around the abused child. This make a grown man want to cry. of course given the cyclic nature of these thing even the orignal abuser was probably abused. I make no excuses for the perpetrators here but everyone who turns a blind eye to this sort of thing or stands idly by without helping shares the blame.
I guess these riders were all wearing helmets right? Even if they were wearing full-face helmets, against an SUV, the odds are bad. It's a sad situation all around. I just wish that the AMA would establish a central database to grab data from all over NTSB, etc to do a injury study.

How do you figure?

This guy allegedly sexually abused a child. No punish is too steep in my opinion.
I was thinking that the same judge who "sentenced" Jackoff could also "judge" this case. Probably would give the kid a medal.
Excellent Point

Having stood up to friends of a registered sex offender, your point "but everyone who turns a blind eye to this sort of thing or stands idly by without helping shares the blame.". I watched neighbors who didn't want us to tell others about his crime because they didn't want their property values to go down. I watched his wife (the sex-offenders) file a false anti-harrassment order on my wife, which was thrown out by a judge who quoted the U.S. Constitution and the WA state law (like Megan's law) to this enabler.
Just think how good your life really is compared with any of the five people in this story. I know my life gets a bit out of step at times but I do have it pretty good, all things considered.
Yeah, but that doesn't make up for how ugly the 999 is...
This might be...

.. the only thing you and I will ever agree on. Child molesters can burn in hell. I don't care about the "reasons". While abusers were usually abused themselves most people who were abused do not become abusers. The ones who do can swing from ropes.

Enough excuses in our society. Enough with the psychobabble "if it feels good do it" crud. Send a clear message. Abuse a child and get life in prison as a minimum. No reason to give these s***** a second chance.
I feel sorry for the abused child and especialy the 3 motorcyclist's, but the abuser who stole the SUV ? no way.

If he was an "acused" molester then he didn't do his case any good by running, If he's guilty as his flight would seem to indicate then it sounds like he made a down payment on what he's got coming.

I don't buy that "victim of sociaty" crap, the only victims here are the child and the three motorcyclists, the acused didn't even have the balls to stand up for himself.

I think it's important to keep in mind that even when we're doing everything right we can still get blasted.

I just recently rolled up on an accident where a guy cruising his geezer-glide in the carpool lane was smacked by a guy in a pickup truck (driving alone) who crossed the double yellow into the carpool lane. No signal, no over the shoulder, just smack!

It looks like the biker got off easy with just a broken leg.

We're all targets boys and girls..........
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Re: This might be...

Come on down to the SF Bay area, they are releasing them into the wild left and right. Though finally the communities are trying to make a stand.

Gotta love that "Chemically Castrated" [email protected] "Oops forgot to take my pill, hmmm that little kid looks pretty tasty..."
Re: This might be...

I'm ready for 'em. I get 2" groups at 100 yds.
Speaking of getting blasted.....

.... has sarnali convinced you to switch from that cheap booze yet?
Re: Speaking of getting blasted.....

I don't drink cheap booze. I was just trying to draw a comparison with the price/performance crowd.

I'm leaving Wednesday for London so I'm sure I'll be sampling all kinds of booze.
Re: This might be...

I'm afraid I'm a lousy shot. Good thing the shotgun was invented. :)
Re: Speaking of getting blasted.....

One nice thing about London is that you don't have to eat English cuisine there.

Though I'm not sure cuisine is the right word for 500 different varieties of fish, chips, bangers and mash.
Re: Speaking of getting blasted.....

Yes I've been warned about the food. I'll just bring protein bars from home and stay on a liquid diet.
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