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Chinese Biker, 83, Demands Apology

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Re: Chinese-Canadian Biker, 83, Demands Formal Apology

First Post!
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I think ebass was at a similar club in Thailand.
Re: Chinese-Canadian Biker, 83, Demands Formal Apology

Yeah, ya know, it's almost more fun to sit here a watch normally reasonable (I assume) people get sucked into the black hole.

Just change his user name back to kpaul and be done with it.
Re: Those were Brits not Americans.

Um, my ancestors came here in early 20th century.

Just pointing that out.
Re: Those were Brits not Americans.

Either you are totally nuts or you have a good sense of humour.
Re: Chinese-Canadian Biker, 83, Demands Formal Apology

O'Reilly has been caught literally fabricating his sources on several occasions, so he is the furthest thing from a 'journalist' in my mind. That he's still on the air tells me that Fox News should be called Fox Opinions That Drive Ratings.

The best is Newt Gingrich, who called Canada "Soviet Canuckistan". I still get a kick out of saying that.
Re: Chinese-Canadian Biker, 83, Demands Formal Apology

So, how is Fox any different than any of the others, then?
Re: Those were Brits not Americans.

I give up.... some people will never understand anything other than sue someone for something instead of working with a problem until all parties are happy.

Solutions.... forget the past, we had nothing to do with it. Create equal standards for all races, once that starts the road to equality will be easy. Until everyone is expecting to get the same from the education system to the government we as people of all races will not be equal.

Hell I'm 1/4 cherokee and the rest all white of some kind. Could be english irish and scottish. Heck maybe even a little German. Should my Indian 1/4 demand death from my white 3/4's for the treatment the white men gave it's ancestors?

People need to get over the past and try to improve the future, bringing up the past only brings hate to a new generation of people on all sides of the fence.
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Re: Not all African Americans get free college tuition

Here is some food for thought:

Most people think laws are there to codify mores already present in society - kind of a 'mirror' on public opinion as it were. Laws, though, can also shape society's opinions, too, though, and this point is often missed.

For example, during the women's suffrage movement, most of the women of the time actually sided with the men. Several prominent women even wrote into newspapers arguing specifically that women couldn't properly exercise the right to vote. Opinions didn't change instantly when the law was passed allowing women the right to vote, of course, so in this case, the law led the way and society slowly came to conform to the law. Now, fifty years later it is difficult to conceive of women NOT voting.

So, following that principle, why not create laws to rectify old wrongs? The idea of such laws would have very little to do with the compensation for the Chinese, even though they would likely be one of the first groups compensated under the law. It would be enacted more to encourage the societal notion that compensation is NATURALLY due when a group is wronged, so that future groups won't have to fight to get compensation from the descendents of the offenders, but can get it from the offenders themselves. That can only happen when this notion of 'just compensation for a wrong' becomes so commonplace that it is ingrained ... just like voting for women.
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Re: Those were Brits not Americans.

I ain't white. Where's my check?
Re: Those were Brits not Americans.

It's in the mail. Should be there any time now.
Re: Those were Brits not Americans.

I think Kbandit should try the drinking poison thing,to correct all ****** injustice. Its about time we take that step.
Re: Those were Brits not Americans.

Bringing up the past brings votes too. Imagine what would happen to certain politicians if blacks left the inner cities and fully integrated into society. Using social programs that actually keep people in near slavery while pretending to help them is one of the main methods used to keep a solid voting block for certain politicians.
Opportunity knocks.

Wait. What about the fact that the blacks were actually captured and enslaved by other blacks.. then sold to the slave traders? Don't the descendants of slaves also deserve a free check from the oppressor blacks of Africa?

This is fun. We can find entire continents and populations to loot.

My maternal grandmother was 1/4 Laplander. Thr Laps were heavily oppressed by the Finns and Swedes. Alright! Another check for me!
Re: Those were Brits not Americans.

My choice bro… is to MOVE ON and make sure things are handled correctly today - that is my choice.

Did you even read that link? You said it never happened in America - that link shows you otherwise:

"The Cromwellian (i.e., Puritan) government in Ireland gave the slave monopolies to good Puritan merchants who then sold on to other good Puritan merchants in the Caribbean, Virginia, and New England."

"Massachusetts witch trials was an old Irish slavewoman"

And further down it mentions 5 white Irish slaves as part of the "1741 ***** Conspiracy" in New York

All four of these are in America and that is just the first few paragraphs

Now can we please get back to motorcycles?
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Re: Chinese-Canadian Biker, 83, Demands Formal Apology

I agree with you O'Really is a big farce. I actually met the guy many years ago when he was a reporter for KMGH-TV in Denver. He never made it big in Denver. Folks there saw through the B.S. He is a Red State phenom... Notice most of his stories are tabloid in nature....good for the trailer trash NASCAR fans of the Red States.
Re: Chinese-Canadian Biker, 83, Demands Formal Apology

The Fifth Estate (Canadian version of 60 Minute) did a spot on Fox News and O'Reilly in particular. They even invited O'Reilly to defend himself on air, but he declined to appear. Ann Coulter showed up, though, and promptly showed why the far right gets dismissed out of hand by anyone with any education.

She lambasted Canadians for not sending troops to Iraq, explaining that she couldn't understand why we would send troops to Vietnam, but not to Iraq. Where was our loyalty to our friends?

The interviewer promptly reminded her that Canada DIDN'T send troops to Vietnam and, in fact, welcomed quite a few Americans fleeing the draft into Canada. At no time were troops ever sent into Vietnam from Canada.

She tried to belabour the point, but the interviewer wouldn't back down and challenged her to produce her proof. I loved watching her squirm in her own mistruths.

O'Reilly ran a spot in response, going so far as denouncing the Fifth Estate piece as a CBC attempt to block Fox News from coming to Canada, i.e. they are keeping the truth from their citizens. His audience ate it up and it became just another example of how left leaning democracies conspire to keep the 'truth' out of the public sphere.
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However time to pay up..

all of this happened before 1776 right. i.e. when we were a colony of England

Well alot wealth was built on the free labor African-American slaves provided this country for nearly a century. Time for us to pay up...
Re: Opportunity knocks.

No No this country was built on the backs of free African American labor for nearly a century... i.e. white slave owners exploited this folks to make profits/wealth.. Time for us to pay up..
Re: Those were Brits not Americans.

Doesn't matter. Because they had opportunities because of the wealth provided by a century of free labor (slaves in the south). Time for you to pay up too.. No free rides for white folks....
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