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Choose Your Swiss Army Bike

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Re: Poll: Choose Your Swiss Army Bike

FIRST!! A 2007 Triumph Tiger or Ducati Multistrada. My former all-purpose bike was a 1951 BSA Gold Star - bought new in 51.
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Re: Poll: Choose Your Swiss Army Bike

The 'Strada fits the bill the best, but a good BMW GS will do if you don't mind the weight.
Re: Poll: Choose Your Swiss Army Bike

Right now, my needs are being met with a ZX-14. It's relatively comfy, relatively good handling, is very easy to control at low speeds, has good cornering clearance, and accelerates like mad. I plan on using it for long distance rides over several days. The only thing keeping me from going on rides that take over a week is not being willing to use too much of my vacation time on one trip! I'm confident that I'll be able to do long distance riding without being in pain! Plus, if I want to stop using my soft saddle bags, Corbin sells hard bags that look like really nice with the bike. I can basically have a sport touring bike for less money than it would cost me for any "sport touring" bike out there right now that I would ever consider owning.
Re: Poll: Choose Your Swiss Army Bike

A Harley E-Glide Classic is mine Swiss Army bike. I only have the other 4 bikes just for impressing bystanders.
Re: Poll: Choose Your Swiss Army Bike

I went from 4 bikes down to 1 and picked the R1150GS. A bit heavy, good touring and fairly sporty.

I could deal with a DL1000, FJR1300 or a R1200GS.

It has taken years to learn I'm not any faster on a fast bike.


Failing that, A Buell or a Monster S4R with Leatherlyke side bags.
Re: Poll: Choose Your Swiss Army Bike

In 2005 I chose a Multistrada.

This year buyers have got a new Tiger, the (already inproved) Ulysses and a new 1100 Multistrada to look at.

Looks to me like three very good bikes, all three manufacturers offer demo rides... have fun making your choice, no bad answers here.
My priorities are different than most. I want a sport bike that's relatively inexpensive, has really good fuel economy, and while mostly used for commuting isn't slow. It also has to be able to ride 2-up in relative comfort. For me that boils down to one of two bikes depending on whether I do more or less 2-up riding. If I do more then I want a 2006 Kawi Z750S. If I do less then I want a 2006 Kawi 650R. If I get the Z750S I'd swap out the seat, handlebars, and add lower fairings. Right now I ride a 2005 Kawi Ninja 250, and its ergonomics seem ideal. If it had EFI and a bit more weight so the wind wouldn't blow it around as easily it'd be the perfect short-distance single-person commuter bike. As it is, I'm not complaining.
Re: Poll: Choose Your Swiss Army Bike

A "Swiss Army Bike" by definition must be able to do all things, even if it doesn't excell any at one thing -- right?

So take the KLR650 or better yet the new BMWG650 and ride it down any road, anywhere, even if there's no road to speak of. If you're over 6' then it's probably the GS1200!
I've owned a lot of bikes and my present FJR1300 fits the bill quite nicely.
Easy, ZRX1200/1100R. The Bandit 1200/1250 would work too. Easier yet because there are several different kinds of bikes that I can use whenever through "arrangements".

If I lived somewhere that had corners around probably a Daytona 955i or Sprint ST would get the nod.
Re: Poll: Choose Your Swiss Army Bike

Funny how that works, huh? Two and a half decades of riding and my ability to hustle a CBR1000rr around a track is no better than hustleing my K100rs. There's what- 150 lb difference between them? Maybe a Keith Code school is in my future.
Re: Poll: Choose Your Swiss Army Bike

I could run around faster on my Multistrada then my Daytona with 50 more ponies. I'm getting older or wiser or both. I've decided to go with another big handlebar and low foot pegs in the future. And if not faster, certainly easier to go fast on.
If I had to reduce to one bike, it would probably be my DL650. It handles well, has excellent range and with the Motech racks I've put on, has plenty of storage for touring or commuting.
Re: Poll: Choose Your Swiss Army Bike

Here, Here!

BTW- The spelling error is a communication error between my brain and fingers allowing for the typo- but you don't care 'bout that do you?
I'd probably get a BMW GS. I had a V-Strom 1000 but the GS might be a little better for the run down to Tierra del Fuego. On a budget I might go for the Kawasaki KLR-650.
The bike I have now - Bandit 600S with Givi saddlebags. And that's exactly why I bought it - it had to do it all. A bit too buzzy for long-distance touring, though. In retrospect, an SV650S might have been a better choice. But I'm happy with my Bandito.
BTW, good topic.
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