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Choose Your Weapon: Best of the Best, 2006

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w000 first I hope
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Yeah I don't have anything meaningful to add.


You could come up with only THREE contestants in this contest? And two from the same manufacturer?

What did you guys do, land on the sh*t lists of Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha so that they won't give you any test bikes?

Maybe if you bothered to read, you would see that they took the winner of the superbike shootout and pitted it against the winner of the middleweight shootout and threw in a wildcard. So those test bikes from Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki already lost.
Best of the best is a competition between "three OF the best..."

Wow, I bet that's a coveted trophy.
The best sportbike would be a Triumph 800, modeled after the 675. If such a mythical bike nearly matched the GSXR750 for top end and it had more low end and that sound in a great handling chassis, it would be phenomenal.

As more me, I am thinking the new FZ-1 with a PCIII remap, and exhaust more to get rid of the God awful stock peice than any performance increase. Oh, and a fender eliminator while we are eliminating ugly OEM parts.

My ass hurts and my knees are not quite what they used to be after 20 years on sport bikes but I am not quite ready to toddle off to slow lane cruiser land just yet! Yep, a nicely modded FZ-1 looks pretty good from here.
While I enjoyed the comparison, you've made it pretty useless. If it's the best sportbike you want, get the litre bike. If it's the best streetbike you want, don't get any of these. A Ninja 650 or SV650 is way more comfy, cheaper, better economy, etc., while still having plenty of oomph for the public roadways. Don't get me wrong: I love perfomance. Had, and have, a bunch of them. But you guys are confusing the point to uselessness. Make up your mind as to what you're picking, and why.

Rant over. Maybe...
Your days are numbered - that Harley beckons.

Moot point anyway. I can afford a new FZ. The wife would kill me if I bought a Harley. Such a bike would completely blow my MC budget and then some.

The dirt bike stays in the stable and that is non negotiable. :)

Why did you guys even bother posting this article?

You obviously had these three bikes sitting around, nothing to write about, and said to yourselves, "How can we make a story out of this?"
Great test as usual. I wasn't too surprised at the result. The 675 seems to make believers out of most it contacts. The Gixxers, by any standards, are no slouches.

I still think the 955i is a blend of sportbike I might be able to live with but what if they come out with a 12kRPM Daytona 1050 just after I buy one?
Calling Steve Roper!! Calling Steve Roper!!!

Mike Nomad has gotten into the beer cart - again!
Just drop one more trou size, get that Oxford knee job and I'm home free where wretched excess is barely, barely enough!

MOrons, motorcycling just gets better and better. Who'd a thunk it. In the early 80's, I would have predicted that by now we'd all be on Komrade Klaybrookski Backwards bikes powered by Senator Danforth's staff approved micromoters while wearing gear that made us look like "The OSHA Cowboy" complete with mandatory "hotline to insurance company".

And then it didn't happen.

What could possibly be cooler? No, seeing Sen. Danforth's staff in approval mode would NOT be cooler...
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I don't see the Daytona 955i on the new Triumph Web Site. Discontinued?
Next test Buell vs Triumph? Great test you guys.

I was going to test ride both but now I have to wait till I heal. Triumph dealer here can't keep the 675s on the showroom floor. Has plenty of R6s though. Looks like Triumph discontinued the big Daytona.
I read about some old guy in his '90s who rode all his life. He has a small Honda dirt bike and he still rides it around his driveway. I'll be that lucky!
How do you figure? GSX1000 won the Superbike shootout. Triumph won the Middleweight shootout.

Throw the GSXR-750 because its the kPPI standard bearer. Get real mike. This is a great test. 750 is a great wildcard.
Bike kPPI*s

Triumph 675 95.59

Suzuki GSXR1000 114.15

Suzuki GSX-R750 100.00 (standard)

*kPPI-kpaul Price Performance Index - copyright pending
My buddy loves his big Daytona for a year and it sounds great.. His bike has been rock solid.

Agreed. I think it was great comparison and MO did a fantastic job.
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