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KenMore Chopper Upgrade Kit!

You know the feeling: the other guys are taking those fun road trips, riding their bikes everywhere, and you’re stuck hauling your “trailer queen” chopper around behind your truck, or just putting up to the local bar. Good news! Those days are over with the KenMore Chopper Upgrade Kit!

The kit starts out back: with a minimum of cutting and welding, you or your favorite custom shop can install the “KenMore Swingarm Kit.” When combined with shock absorbers, the Swingarm Kit soaks up those bumps and lets your bike hold the road like never before. For a few dollars more, you can order the “Hot Cornering Setup,” that slashes rear wheel size from a useless 250 and up, to a lean, mean, riding on a rail 180 or 200 series tire. You won’t believe how your bike will come alive in those twisties! You can “Chop, Cut, Rebuild” your existing wheel, or order one of ours!

Next up is the “KenMore WindBeater" Fairing and Windshield. With this component leading the way, you’ll ride in comfort for hundreds of miles. Not only does the WindBeater give you a relaxed riding “atmosphere,” it can even cut through the rain and help keep you warm. No more bugs in your teeth! Want to get really radical? Throw in a radio, CD player, GPS, gauges and instrumentation; the sky is the limit with the WindBeater!

Got a lady who wants to ride, but doesn’t have Buns of Steel? No problem, our “SaddleMaster” option can easily handle two adults for hours at a time. Filled with “foam,” the SaddleMaster gives the rider the padding and comfort where it’s needed: their butt!

Lastly, those road trips are going to be a lot more fun when you can take more stuff than what will fit in your jeans pockets! With our new “KenMore SideBags Kit” you and your passenger can haul more than ass! Imagine the convenience of having not one, but TWO large storage units mounted right on your bike. Clothes, raingear, even tents can now be loaded aboard and taken along for the ride. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Put it all together in your home shop or visit one of our authorized KenMore Chopper Upgrade Kit dealers today. Most choppers can be converted to a fully functional motorcycle in as little as 50 hours!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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