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CHP Steps up Patrols

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Are you sure they want to increase response time? Is there a problem with CHP not responding in a timely manner? Could it be that the sliding economy has reduced revenues and this may be a way to increase them? Enquiring minds want to know.
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Actually, they want to decrease response time. The report that we recieved didn't have much more information than that. However, we can certainely speculate!
Is it that time of the year again? Ive seen the revolving speed traps up here in the bay area. 2 months on this stretch, two months on that... Get the fear into people and they are good for a week or two. Thats when I got nailed last...
Uh, maybe I'm missing some detail about police work, but if they're putting 150 extra units on a five-mile stretch, their response time should be about zero; that's one unit for every 176 feet, or slightly less than sixty yards. Sounds more like a parade route than a highway.

Did someone miss a zero someplace, is this some kind of so-many-per-shift operation, or has California suddenly started growing cops on trees in order to cover known motorcycle joy-routes?
When I did the math, I had to chuckle. Your guess is as good as mine. Like I said before, the report that we received wasn't very informative. Hopefully a helpful reader can assist in the knowledge-spreading department?
Land of the free and brave...hahahahahahahaha...
yeah, but those Crown Vics are only good for 120 or so... :D

The Kawi KZ1000's - about the same, or maybe a little less...

The Bavarian Money Wasters? Dunno...
Of course, these guys are out there 24/7, no time off to pee or eat.... Math is one thing, reality a different science.
Crown Vic max speed...

.. according to the MI State Police (who test all police model vehicles at Detroit every September) is typically between 135-140 mph; the real interceptor is the Camaro at 161-165 mph. The MISP don't currently do motorcycle testing.
Only plus I can say is at least we dont have the camera's that the UK has. Well not many at least...
Geeze Louise, the way some of you guys talk, you would think that giving out speeding tickets is the only things cops do. Granted they do too much of that, but imagine what the roads would be like if there was no law enforcement at all.
Yeah, but those numbers still have to be wrong. Even if less than 1/10th of the 150 units were deployed at a given time, there would still be one every 1/3 mile. That's completely ridiculous.

You can't have 30 cops for every mile of roadway in the state of CA. Everybody in the state would have to be CHP officer, and they don't ticket other officers... so who would you ticket?
I dunno, I've never been pulled over by a cb radio. You?
Yeah that's true. Let's not forget the added stimulus this will bring to the economy, especially if you own stock in Krispy Kreme or Dunkin' Donuts.
ring a bell ?

Does the term "Gatso" mean anything to you ? Yeah, you've got them and we don't. How many tickets have you received in the mail recently ? If you're going to quote a phrase at least get it right. It's land of the free, home of the brave. In your case it's land of the over-taxed to support the monarchy and home of the hoof and mouth disease. Not to mention all the nervous sheep..and you know what I mean. :p
Re: The speed of light

Radio signals from Police radios and CB's travel at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second)
Don't tease me......

The "Road Warrior" is one of my favorite movies. We can only dream..........
Re: ring a bell ?

I'm not from the UK...and not even you can get the "phrase" right...simply because it's a lie...oh no...your government doesn't's a phrase which blind you from the truth, so can be a good citizen....err, sheep. Cool.
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