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Pantless chaps, Village People looks, ball tickler beards and silly faux lids aside, this business of suing over stock price results & esoteric FI accounting "inside baseball" is just the pits.

Sarbanes - Oxley stinks. The law firms specializing in stock price suits - mostly west coast based, ain't they? - stinks. Sptizer stinks. CT yankee law firms stink.

"Stuffed distribution channel" indeed. Now here is a REALLY smart business model: lets build WAY more product that can be sold so as to prop up stock prices in the near term so that what? Get the rubes to buy in so HD can channel the bucks into plant improvements to improve product to improve sales thusly improving profits? Sounds like a dasterdly thing to do! Quick someone - call Dudley Do Right! And Eliot Spitzer!

Forbesish grumblings aside, the drop in sales appears to have caught the Mother Ship by suprise. One Metro ATL HD dealership has been advertising on a local talk radio station that they have plenty of EVERYTHING in stock.

Bah, humbug. Think I'll go pick apart some narratives my staff wrote this week. That will make me feel better! And if it don't...I'll just tell 'em to knock of early. Hey, I feel better already!
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