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Clever Custom Names

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The chopper craze is getting really bad. But, when they switch to customized sports bikes(and future shows will at some point), it will be even worse.

And I don't even mean that as an offense to sport bike enthusiasts.
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Of course none of this 'customizing' will have any practical value. it will be all looks and doodads. The stuff that a real sport rider wants are, for the most part, discernable only to the cognicenti. Ohlins don't look that different from any other suspension pieces, unless you know what the name means. God, I hope they don't start a trend for putting great big labels on stuff so you can't miss it, like happens with clothing a lot of times. I kinda like the whole thing being understated a little bit. (You don't get it unless you're in the club.) Maybe that makes me a snob, but so be it if the only other choice is having my favorite roads choked up with more horse's asses than there are already.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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