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Clever Custom Names

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The chopper craze is getting really bad. But, when they switch to customized sports bikes(and future shows will at some point), it will be even worse.

And I don't even mean that as an offense to sport bike enthusiasts.
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I'm sick and tired of these mamby pamby milktoast wanna be tough guy builders. All of those tough guy copy... I mean, "custom" bikes are so 2005. I'm waiting for something that's truly cutting edge, that will take the motorcycle world by storm. Some builder whose bike says, "Hey! Don't mess up with me!!!" I want to see a chopper with a 7.5 oz gas tank. I mean, why haul around all of that excess weight? Gasoline is heavy, you know? And forget heated grips! I want amped and volted grips! the kind that sent a constant painful charge flowing from your hands to your grounded parts, letting you know you're truly, viscerally alive. How about losing those candyass tires, and runing straight on rims. Rubber is for weenies, and chicks dig the sparks. I'm looking for an eleven foot front end, a diesel engine from a Bobcat bulldozer, and a seat that's made of woven barbed wire, and is only 4 inches wide. Come to think of it, let's have a seat that catches your jeans on fire. Now THAT would be cool.... what? That idea is already taken? oh well. The rest of it is a totally winning combination. If we have Matt Hotch build it, it should sell for about $680,000, give or take. And a name? How about "Hotchulism". That should sufficiently freak out the bastards. I see a 4 hour bike show in here somewhere.
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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