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With the article on Pikes Peak, I thought there might be a bit of interest in Hillclimbs. So, as this is kind of a crossover of things near-and-dear to my heart (Performance Rally and Motos!) I thought I'd pass-along some info.

Those fun loving racers from MAX Motorsports are at it again:

AUGUST 25-26, 2012

Spend a weekend in Vermont racing your car or motorcycle up the Ascutney Mountain Auto Road!

Time trial your vehicle up 2,300 vertical feet on a twisty, 3.7-mile paved surface that has an average grade of 12%; with some areas graded at 19%!

Unlike other hillclimbs at Ascutney, we will be running the extended course to the top of the mountain! We have reserved the entire Ascutney State Park Campground for this event and welcome competitors, spectators and volunteers to come spend the weekend.

Please visit Climb Ascutney! Home for details on entering, volunteering, and camping.

We hope to see you there!
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