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Today was almost my day. I came too close to eating it in traffic. It's a common situation, one as riders we are exposed to everyday- Guy turning left out of a business going across 4 lanes of traffic and a median. He never saw me- until I was stopped inches from his door.

I've been a rider for over 20 years. I've taken all the MSF courses, basic and advanced. So- I fancied myself a pretty-cool rider in all situations. I've made a few good runs on track day, I've competed in hare scrambles, and once when younger cleared a triple. As much as i'd like to say "hurray for me for not eating this morning" I recognize what saved me from a hospital visit was more luck than skill.

What I did right:

I was going the speed limit- about 50.
I was scanning far enough ahead to see that the knucklehead never saw me.
I was ready to take action.
i was fully bunkered-up with gear.

What I did wrong:

Object fixated... I just stared at the truck. Never tried to swerve.

For some reason I was more worried about low-siding/high siding than I was about t-boning the truck. The street was wet and I remember thinking "don;t panic brake"

I flipped the guy off even though he was clearly apologetic. i might have yelled at him too.

All-in-all, not very good performance on my part. If I was going just a little faster, I'd be dealing with insurance forms right now.

Folks- I just had a real wake-up call this morning. I've been a lazy rider. All those things I learned in MSF I need to re-visit. I'm sure some of you are ninja's when it comes to riding- so this doesn;t apply to you. But- if you're like me, let this be a reminder.. we really are invisible and everybody wants to kill us.

Ride Safe
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