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Colin Edwards at the IMS in Long Beach, CA.

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1st post. Bring the show to Philly!
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Is he coming to the Northern Cal Show? Any other racers coming? And where is the Northern Cal show this year anyway? I understand they moved it.
I went to the show in Seattle this weekend. Pretty good, but no Triumph's except a local shop display. Lots of cool bikes though including a cutaway ZX1400, a bunch of MV-Agusta's and the new Paul Smart and Sport Ducati's. They had a new GoldWing with the airbag deployed, in person it doesn't look like a large ladies butt at all, maybe if they added some Fishnets or a Garter.... The Japanese never get it right the first time. Nice BMW display as well, but $20k is a lot for the H2, the 1200GS is a lot better deal @ $14k.

Pretty fun afternoon and a good ride up there on the Dyna after I duckwalked the bike through the snow on my driveway. Lots to be said about a low seat...
Sure would be more fun to watch than the Eagles.
Did you get any photos of that cut away ZX14?
No sorry, it showed the tank, airbox and intake through the frame into the airbox, then down past the throttle bodies into the engine and piston then out the exhaust with Cat. Con. It was pretty neat with little blue lights that flashed along the intake side, then turned red through the exhaust side like a little tiny light show

You'll see it.
One of the sales guys told my buddy and me that Triumph decided the show wasn't worth the cost. That they figured last year's show resulted in selling 35 bikes and it was better to use the money elsewhere.
So which of the MoFo's will e atLong each with their cameras? I want to see that new Victory!
It's going to San Jose, CA at the San Jose Convention Center Dec. 16th - 18th. Guess I won't go this year since they moved the dates from Nov. to the last weekend before Christmas. The again maybe I can convince my wife to go to buy me presents!

Triumph Motorcycles has announced that they will not be attending the 2005-2006 Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows. According to company spokesman, Todd Andersen, Triumph feels that the shows are a great opportunity to connect with a good portion of the motorcycle buying public. But, after attending for 10 years in a row, Triumph has decided to take a break this year to free up resources for some new marketing initiatives. "There are a number of exciting new programs we want to try out this year including expanded advertising, promotion and public relations." said Andersen. "By skipping the shows this year, we’ve freed up a lot of our marketing and sales resources to pursue these new ideas."

Triumph has increasingly focused on events where new consumers can experience their products first-hand on demonstration rides. Andersen stated: "We’re upped the ante with our demo truck and improved incentives to our dealers to give demo rides. We encourage anyone who’s interested in Triumph’s bikes to visit their local dealer or attend one of our demo events to try a Triumph first-hand".
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