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Colin Edwards looks to Imola

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Got to love colins' attitude I hope the best for him in the last round! He's clearly thinking of his team and wanting to give them a boost for the next season is purely unselfish and very remarkable. I can't wait to see this race should be a really nice finish to a great season.
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I've always believed that Colin is a good rider, but I didn't like him as such. That has changed after the last coupld of races, especialy after the Suzuka 8-hour.

Almost ( not completely ) like Kenny in GP's, he hit a rough patch, but he didn't flinch for one second. Losing the championship to Bayliss at Assen ... slipping down to 11'th, being passed by one rider after another, must have felt really bad !

But he stuck to his guns, didn't go into the pits like some other World Champions did ...

BUT, the main performance that made me look with new eyes at him, was his 8-hour performace in the Japanse backyard of so many local ace's. He ran the fastest time round their on a bike which wasn't completely set up for him alone, and not the only factory bike at that. I mean, the local Japanese talent at Suzuka must be HUGE (!), but he lapped at a blistering pace.

That takes alot of talent. Nothing else could keep you from being "killed" by the locals. Beating some of the best GP riders out there was good, but they do ride 2-strokes for a living.

MABY ( forgive me for this ), Rossi had some good input into the setup of the bike ... or maby Colin just has HUGE amounts of talent.

Anyway, he's earned my respect.
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