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Colin To Be At Long Beach IMS.

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Yeah big deal, we had Michelle Smith at the Seattle show. It sez right there in the program that she is a well recognized personality in the motorcycle industry.

I didn't go see her myself since I was there to look at new bikes, not old blondes but we were in the same building at the same time

I feel we shared something special........
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I don't know. She talks like Rita Cosby which kinda scares me. I mean that ***** might be genetic and then I have support our semi-retarded love child for the next 20years.
Hey! Kook's in good company. Lots of people love Clinton.

BTW, do you think that Clinton will visit the War Museum in Hanoi where John Kerry's photo is displayed in a place of honor?

Maybe the slickmeister can visit Elian Gonzales next. Provided that the kid is still alive after all the re-eduction.
Yeah, the Elian kid is still alive. The Miami Herald or the Sun-Sentinel did a story on him about a year ago.

He was quoted as saying "Cuba is great", "I love Cuba", "I'm glad I am in Cuba". You know, standard propaganda stuff.

If I recall they use him a lot in their propaganda.

I'm sure there is a link out their to the article...
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Did they show a picture of the serial cable coming out of the back of Elian's head?
No, but each sentence he spoke ended with "pause while card is turned".
Re: V-4 to be the next big change in stock sportbikes

...more like Jayson Blair to your Tim Blair.
..and I'll be in New Jersey freezing my ass off. Have fun. Get me a t shirt...
Re: Shopping For Our Village Idiot?

What? "Village Idiot" isn't available?
Hey I like Rita Cosby. She quit Faux you know. That's like escaping the Scientologists.
Re: V-4 to be the next big change in stock sportbikes

You mean Linda Blaire.........
"Fidel Castro is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life."
Re: V-4 to be the next big change in stock sportbikes

More like Blair from Fact Of Life...
Re: Picture of my bike

So, you are the Black Knight. I knew it.
It doesn't get any more psychotic than that, does it?
Re: Picture of my bike

I always figured Kook for a quadruple amputee.
Re: Colin and the RC51

OK. What the F!

Everyone jumps into the kpaul fire when he posts something bout the war or W or biodiesel but when he makes an actual moto related comment like this, all I hear is crickets. Aren't you guys reinforcing the wrong behavior here? (i.e off-topic rants)
Re: Shopping For Our Village Idiot?

LOL Good one.. I have actually read one of those books..
Yeah but she had to have a sex change to get into broadcasting in the first place. Listen to her carefully the next time she is on and tell me she did not used to sport a pair. They never shoot her in profile either. So, you can't see the Adams apple.

What? Help. I did not get this reference and google has failed me.

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