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Colorado Doubles.

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Yada yada yada. Typical media fear-mongering.

What are the numbers? If the number of riders has doubled then the increase means nothing. If the number of riders has tripled then doubled fatalities is an improvement.

And to think that legislators make decisions based on this sort of schlock garbage reporting.
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I’ve doing some lookin’ around and I think that all of this hub-bub about increased motorcycle fatalities is pure BS.

None of the people I ride with are dead. None of the people in the various motorcycle associations I belong to are dead. None of the people on this MO forum are dead (though MR ALLCAPS was close).

So where are all of these dead bikers?

OK, MO staff – here’s your chance to use that silly poll for something useful so we can put an end to this biker fatality stuff once and for all. Feel free to use this poll question verbatim:

Have you ever been killed on a motorcycle?

1. No.

2. Yes, once.

3. Yes, more than once.

4. I got yer dead biker right here, Ninja Boy!

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NHTSA = Liars & Scoundrels

Beware the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. Their motto is "people saving people." They are liars, scoundrels, and will stop at nothing until we are all riding public transportation or walking.

The only way to "save" motorcyclists is to outlaw motorcycles. NHTSA knows that, and that is their ultimate goal. They scare the ill-informed, easily intimidated and gutless (elected representatives and mad mothers) with their statistics. We are better than that, and should reject anything that comes from that organization.
1 - 2 of 43 Posts
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