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Continuing The Winslow Saga

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Something other than learning to ride? Hey, doesn't everybody learn to do stoppies first?

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"The charges came after police there reviewed a videotape that showed Winslow, said to be a novice rider, performing wheelies in a parking lot."

I knew I learned the hard way, I was zupozed to learn mono'z and ztopiez firzt, not how to control the bike. Man, I feel like a fool now, my zkillz would be zo much greater now if I ztarted with the ztuntz.

I need some zzzzzz now
As a Ravens fan I should be glad to hear of any Browns misfortune. But, it's hard not to feel a bit sorry for the kid. A couple million bucks is a high price to pay for being stupid. Get well kid and don't play well against the Ravens.
And for his next trick, he'll catch a bullet with his teeth...
Guess we who pegged him for an idiot had it right. Violating his contract, losing at least 3 million dollars, crashing while stunting when he hadn't even learned to ride, all while video taping it so everyone, including the police who ticketed him, would know. I wonder how stupid he would have been if he hadn't graduated from college? VWW
Oh grief folks, really, why are we still talking about this? Maybe I'm missing something deeper here but isn't this sports news at this point?

I feel for the kid, I feel for the poor buggers trying to recoup their hundred and twenty-twelve squintillion dollars of upfront bribery. However, back in the real world, the kid knew the rules (or at any rate, I'm sure someone read them slowly to him at least once.) He made his choice and now he'll live with the consequences (and they won't kill him). If the team doesn't get all their money back, well that's the consequence of giving some kid with an aptitude for sport a great big steaming sack of cash and hoping he doesn't do anything too dumb with it.

At this point, unless there's an interview with the bike itself, I really don't care any more.

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Amen on that. makes those of us who are stupid feel less stupid to see someone more stupid, i think. Speaking of which, anybody mad about the Iraq deal or any of that? No? Now that's stupid.
Yeah, putting in only 1 Taco Bell in Iraq for the troops was really stupid! The demand is soooo much greater.
Is there a charge for premeditated stupidity ?

If you were contemplating doing something that could cost you million$$ --- would you put it on videotape ?

If this war is such a great idea, how about the Bush twins sucking down a few beers at a bar in Bagdhad?

funny how great patriots' children never wind up fighting for their beliefs huh? I know people in their 20s and 30s who totally favor the war. when i ask them y they don't enlist to fight it they look at me like i'm crazy. i must b.
I don't remember anyone asking you if you cared. Thanks for letting us all know though. I'll sleep better knowing you don't care.
If you read the article, you'll see that they weren't videotaping it. The footage is from parking lot surveillance video...

Hey, thanks JB! You think if we get those kids to sign up that are in favor of the war, we could also get the people who threatened to leave the country to actually leave? It's a big job JB, but we can get it done!
Yep, I hear you. My daughter is 18 and she says kids opinions are starting turn against Bush and the war. Even my doctor, who rides a harley V-rod and is a Army Reserve doctor, was complaining about the war at my last visit. He leaves for his third tour soon. He said, from his Vietnam experience, that after three tours is when the Army starts to see people leaving the service in droves. He is getting out after this one.. Your were totally right on this one JB. Are you going to Laguna Seca for MotoGp? My wife is giving me a choice Freddys track school or Laguna? think I'll go to Laguna and con her to go to Freddy's when the endless Seattle rains start up in November.

You've screwed the pooch now Burnsie...

be warned, the "Fighting Typists" of the 32nd Neo-con Clerical Brigade are gonna open a big can of whoop-arse on you!
Re: Is there a charge for premeditated stupidity ?

I dunno... it worked for Paris Hilton.
I must not get out enough - that's the first time I've seen those two cliches together!

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