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Cool Video of the Hypermotard

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Looks like a purpose build hooligan stripped down Multistrada.......looks like F.U.N.!
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Be hard to find better bikes for streeting/hooliganism than the supermotards. Why people prefer cruisers and sportbikes is a mystery.
Re: The new hotness.

Funny isn't it how those who are the most sanctimonious about their loooove of "the people" are the most likely to hate just about everything?

Think Daley will join Cheryl Crow and regulate the proper use of toilet paper?

Don't shake hands with Cheryl!
You're spot on about the high pricing. I'm just whining that these bikes aren't more popular. More demand would mean more offerings from the big4, more competition, etc. Certainly they [email protected] on the street.

The excellent steering leverage, straight up seating and top notch brakes make these the safest bikes you could buy for the street. Far better than those fully faired death traps.
Re: The new hotness.

Yeah... and acts tough while hiding in the bathroom.
1 - 4 of 65 Posts
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