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Cool Video of Vintage Ducs

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I still think the 450 single (street or dirt) was the best looking Ducati made.
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i'm partial to a latter 70's 750SS, myself.

still, neat clip.
What's with the Greek music?

Ducati started with motorized bicycles? Ha...

Thanks, Buz.

Yup, SR has a great point...those 450's had perfect proportions. Though I can't think of a single one that I don't like.

Cali Hot Rod, Shunpike Dandies....ahh, yes!!
I'm partial to the green frame 750SS myself.
How could I possibly argue?

Time: summer '73 or '74. Place: Marietta, GA (airlift capital of the world..home of the C-141 Starlifter, C-130 Hercules and the C-5 Galaxy) Shoney's Drive in on 41 near the Big Chicken.

My old bud Too Tall and I were sitting in his Karman Ghia drop top surveying the scene and in rolled a first gen SS 750. There was a BMW/Ducati/Guzzi dealer just a mile or so away....given my income at that time, they all may as well have been machined from a solid billet of pure Unobtainium.

The 450 street bike was indeed beautiful, but the RT(the dirtbike version) was a little bulky looking compared to some of the other european dirtbikes of the time(IMHO). having said that,id love to have one.
I go to Mid Ohio every year. Last year I raced the Ashland dirt track on Friday ,the Vintage MX on sat and the post Vintage MX on Sunday. What a blast!!! The swapmeet in itself is worth the trip. Ducati outdid put on the best "Featured Marque" display ive seen in the 8 years ive gone. This year the featured marque is MV Agusta and Hodaka is also featured. I strongly recommend it to anyone whos never been. Of course you might want to bring a tent, cause motels are sold out for miles around.
Yeah and I was perusing CBXs today just for fun.

That's one Honda I'd love to own!
Whaja ride in the mx/dirt track event? (I'm picturing a Gold Star).

Cool. Vintage stuff is neat 'cause when you fall down you're not going that fast anyway and usually don't end up in plaster.
Try .

While it is here in "the ATL" - Alpharetta actually...Tim's usually has a sano CBX for sale.
I'm getting weak in the knees.
There is a 450 Desmo at a local bike shop that the owner is restoring for vintage racing... He took the fiberglass tank in for a new lining at a local radiator shop, and they promptly melted it into mush thinking it was metal. THE HORROR! All the more reason to do your own dang work, I say.
I checked that site out. He's got some beauties but a bit more than I would want to spend.

I'll have to learn more about them first. I like the unfaired version more than the Sport Tour version but it's seems as if Ebay is filled with the fully faired type.
Excellent. The owner of "Freewheelin" in Douglasville, GA (incidentally also the home of Barry Higgins, ISDT rider, Maico Man, Ossa Fiend., current KTM Dealer & former development rider for the late, lamented Yankee "twingle") Jim Brannon has a couple of the Sport Tour versions. He was a Honda dealer even back then and knew a good thing when he saw it.
The April, 2006 issue of The Classic Motorcycle has a test of a 250 Desmo and a 350 valve spring. the 350 was better for daily riding. I had three Ducati singles; a Sebring 350 (my favorite) a 350 Scrambler and a Diana Mark 3. I wish Ducati would build another series of singles.
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