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Big, rubber, bouncy balls. The kind that kids buy at Wal-Mart to play dodge-ball with.

The kind that Mike Corbin has.

One of.

This pulsing hematoma on the Great American Motorcycle Industry has gotten precisely one half (SAE method) of what he deserves. Oh, he started out alright, making aftermarket "seats" to replace the Masculine Saddles that the Motor Company saw fit to provide to the True American. But The MAXX is not harsh; The MAXX understands that some people qualify as 'male' and desperately want to participate in the greatest Lifestyle known to Man not recognized for spousal benefits in the People's Republic of California. That's riding a pounding, thundering twin. Even if they aren't really Men. Not True Americans. That's okay. Mike Corbin makes "seats" for those poeple. It takes one to know one, The MAXX supposes.

But then Mike Corbin started thinking with his bright red bouncing ball. All might have been well if he had continued thinking with his crotch, the way True American Men do. But alas! no.

Mike Corbin started with a worthy copy (but still a copy!) of the only real motor, and then commited a mortal sin, a capital offense: he covered it in plastic. And compounding his treason, he added a wheel, not in the back, as befits an aged Warrior (SAE Method: trike) but in the front. And adding to the list of charges: cowardice in the face of the enemy...a steering wheel.

The MAXX has friends in MO places. And they tell him that the car was engineered poorly. The MAXX smells metric. And Corbin's "Customer Service" has blown chunks for years, he hears. That means that Mike "The Ball" Corbin has been hurting his brothers who ride (even if they don't really understand.) That is unacceptable.

The MAXX believes that the punishment should fit the crime, so he does. His mother used to say, "You made your bed, now lie in it." The Ball should be made to drive one of his cages (for that is what it is), with no Motor Company Big Bore kit. He should be made to have one of his own "seats" installed. He should be made to wear tighty whities derived exclusively from the unwrapped foam of said "seats." And let us then see how much support they provide. For the Ball.
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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