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Re: Corbin Motors is Bankrupt:

I, personally, was glad to see Mike Corbin try something innovative. (I think the machine is goofy, but I think scooters are goofy too.) That type of entrepreneurial spirit made this country great. The balance of trade is so far out of whack that I applaud any effort to produce something in this country. (Don't get me started on the Chinese or the two-faced American perspective about buying from them.) One of Mike's troubles appears to have been in hitching his wagon to a governmental mandate. Keep your focus on poorly met or unmet customer needs and you have a chance. Another trouble spot is that he needed venture capital. Unfortunately, it looks like a loss of control came with that cash infusion.

Good attempt Mike. Anyone else have the stones to try? Go ahead; try to start a business. See how far you get with your own cash reserves, then try to leverage those funds to secure bank debt. If that isn't enough, then, go get investors. God bless you at that point, for you enter the realm of divergent goals.

There is, however, no excuse for poor quality. The buying public will not tolerate that.
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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