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Corbin Motors is Bankrupt: "Hollister’s version of Enron"

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Re: Corbin Motors is Bankrupt:

I can't imagine that there would be any market for this thing except for the tiny demographic of bad British secret agent movie parodyists and henchmen.

As far as the investors go, well you takes yer chances, too bad. Darned thing stood no chance to begin with. You'd have to be able to sell ice to Eskimos to sell many of those things.
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Re: Necessity is the mother of invention

I was going to reply to your lunatic ranting about SUVs and corruption with facts like how CAFE works, demand, you know, evil corporate business stuff? But then I figured why spoil all the fun?

Some tips when spouting leftist conspiracy theories:

1) Bug your eyes out real good. It shows you mean it.

2) A soul patch never hurts.

3) When driving your 68 VW bus with the "MEAT IS MURDER" and the "ANIMALS AND PLANTS ARE DYING TO MAKE WAY FOR YOUR FAT AZZ" bumper stickers, try to forget that your spewing forth more hydrocarbons than 1000 modern SUVs which of course currently meet the same standards as autos these days.
Re: Corbin Motors is Bankrupt:

Maybe Mike Corbin should concentrate on his seat bussiness which is what he does best.

For awhile there has been a bunch of complaints about the costumer satisfaction end of his seat department, and I think that was due to distractions with that stupid Sparrow, also his prices on seats have shot to the sky, I guess he some how had to pay for the Sparrows, which is a shame. I used to buy seats from them, but found other companies that have wonderful products at a fraction of the cost, lets hope he gets his act together, they do make very nice stuff.
Re: Corbin Motors is Bankrupt:

Actually , the politicians corporate buddies and golf partners love it. The greenies don't notice that stuff.
Re: Corbin Motors is Bankrupt:

Mike Corbin is the Craig Vetter of the new milennium. Actually he's the 2 headed love child of a wild orgy between Vetter, Craig Erion, and Dan Gurney. Good riddance!
Re: Corbin Motors is Bankrupt:

No, they don't make nice stuff. Maybe they did make nice stuff at one time, but not now. I, too, bought into the Corbin aura and for the huge amount of money paid, I received:

1. A poorly made saddle that took forever to get.

2. The wrong saddle in spite of their assurances otherwise.

3. A ****ty attitude from their weed-toking customer service dudes.

4. The wrong parts.

5. Not enough of the right parts.

6. A bad feeling that I had been screwed.

Any grief Mike gets, it will not be enough. I hope this is the last of the Corbin name affiliated with motorcycles.
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Re: Balls.

Yeah! Those Poeple! (couldn't resist!)
Re: Necessity is the mother of invention

Actually, the funniest bumper sticker I've seen recently was on a new Toyota 4-Runner, parked in the driveway of one of these 3000 sq ft luxury homes near the University. It said "Developers Burn In Hell". I was tempted to knock on the door and ask if the owner understood the term 'irony' but figured that the owner would never be able to understand such a concept.
Re: Necessity is the mother of invention

Remeber that there are 2 CAFE standards, one for cars and one for trucks. The one for Trucks is much lower (I think the numbers are around 27 and 20). Here is something that is not a conspiracy but actual fact-

Would you consider a PT crusier a car or a truck? Personally I thought it was a car, but chrysler got it classified by the government as a Light Truck so they could use it and it's in-line 4 motor to bring thier Truck CAFE numbers into compliance.

Re: Necessity is the mother of invention

That being said if the government really wanted us to drive fuel efficent vehicals and if they really believe in the "free" market, they should get rid of the CAFE Standards and simply put a $2 tax on every gallon of gas sold. I'm pretty sure alternative fuels and high efficency vehical uptake would follow rapidly.

Re: Corbin Motors is Bankrupt:

That's the exact same experience I had with Targa.
Re: Corbin Motors is Bankrupt:

California's Central Valley is one of the nation's great amphetamine-manufacturing regions. The chaos on the other end of the phone and the quality problems with seats I've encourntered in recent years have made me wonder if focus/judgement/follow-thru at Corbin's shop might have been impaired by better living thru chemistry.
Re: Necessity is the mother of invention

That is basically the approach taken in Europe for many years. Assuming that you accept the premis that it is an appropriate role of the government to promote reduced fuel consumption, this is probably a more effective means to that end than the CAFE standards approach we use.

I DO agree with you that IF we are using CAFE, SUVs should be considered as cars rather than as trucks.
Re: Corbin Motors is Bankrupt:

Anybody stupid enough to bite into this lemon deserves to get chumped. The only place these type of vehicals would sell is in some super crowded city that banned i/c engines. Straight electric cars are not the answer, gas/electric hybrids are. I read in the paper where GM is pulling the plug (chortle) on their electric car program after figuring out that $20k cars with 100 mile ranges aren't going to sell.
Re: Corbin Motors is Bankrupt:

AN' A ' NOTHER THING, Did the enviromentalists ever figure out where electricity comes from? up here they want to breech the Columbia river hydro-electric dams, close down the only coal fired plant left standing in Wa., and regulate our nuke plant out of existance. I guess we'll resort to giant wave turbines off the coast and lightning rods on every house. But then wave turbines alter tidal flow patterns and cause erosion. I know, we'll buy it off California!
Re: Necessity is the mother of invention

He probably would have plugged your ass for trespassing
Re: Necessity is the mother of invention

You must live in Washington state, increasing the gas tax is the answer here for everything. Though I admit it's a sure fire way to get people into more fuel efficiant vehicals. Now they want to raise the tax on beer, wine and hooch, commie bastards!
Off subject

Actually, I've allways wondered if it would be technologically possible to store the energy in a lighting strike (not to get into the cost or politics of building it). Just interested in some of you smart guys ideas.
Re: Corbin Motors is Bankrupt:

I bought one of his seats in '86 for my K100RS, it was an ill-fitting P.O.S. then, I guess they haven't improved over the years.
Re: Corbin Motors is Bankrupt:

Good one. I am all better now. Seattle is the capital of antidepressants. More prosac per captia than anywhere ;)
Re: Off subject

I don't think it is because it's such a high energy short interval burst, 'course it worked for Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstien so who knows?
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