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Corbin Motors is Bankrupt: "Hollister’s version of Enron"

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Re: Corbin Motors is Bankrupt:

I can't imagine that there would be any market for this thing except for the tiny demographic of bad British secret agent movie parodyists and henchmen.

As far as the investors go, well you takes yer chances, too bad. Darned thing stood no chance to begin with. You'd have to be able to sell ice to Eskimos to sell many of those things.
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Re: Off subject

Well yeah you could. A Leyden Jar about as large as a house should do the trick.

Of course, Murphy's Law guarantees that the lightning will strike everywhere except where you want it to.

A better idea would be to attach lightning rods to the heads of eco-wackos. Effectively the space therein should be empty enough to hold the charge of several lightning strikes.

But once again Murphy's Law guarantees that the lightning will strike your cat instead.
Re: Check out Corbin's website

Does it have the flip up backrest and the flame insert in the seat. I'm sure he bought it only to expand into the lucrative Bentley aftermarket segment :)
Re: Corbin Motors is Bankrupt:

I'm gonna call Erin Brockavich and have her help you out.
Re: Necessity is the mother of invention

I totally understand two different CAFE standards. I was referring to the hydrocarbon "loophole" which has been closed voluntarily by the manufacturers looking for good PR.

I don't believe the government should be "encouraging" anything in a free society. Look at the Euro cities covered in diesel soot to see the effects of raising the gas tax.
Re: Check out Corbin's website

Or maybe as a model for another one of his line of furniture -- you know, those love seats built into a replica of the ass end of a Cobra, 55 Chevy etc. Probably had a Bentley version in the works. Or at least that is what he tells his tax accountant as an explanation for writing it off as a business expense.
Re: Necessity is the mother of invention

Contrary to what you apparently believe - I am not a tree hugging hippie. I AM British, so I tend to see all the American lockstep corporate bull***** with clearer eyes, not having spent quite so many of my infant years in front of MTV and related advertising drivel. I also READ a lot of information - about the classification of truck vs. car (as stated below), and exemptions for certain cars (like the new Hummer2).

We live in America, land of the conned and pissed on. The funny thing is that few in this God forsaken country are even interested in anything other than how big the burger they just ate was. So, respond in detail and I will crack your little world into the wedges of solidified crap from whence it came.

Or do nothing, like the majority of this country - because it's too damned hard and, omg!! Nascar is on, followed by 3 hours of brain sucking sitcoms laced with subtle but permeating advertising - and that's before the commercials come on.
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Re: Necessity is the mother of invention

Well there goes the stereotype about the British sense of humour! (note British spelling to make you feel more comfortable)

You claim you can see through American corporate bullshyt however it is apparent you cannot see through American college campus bullshyt.

And as far as doing nothing goes: I employ 25 people with good salaries, health benefits and 401 (k), I donate money to charity and haven't missed voting in an election since I turned 18.

You may be the new "bitter little man."
Re: Corbin Motors is Bankrupt:

Yeah, more roads. That's the answer.
Re: Necessity is the mother of invention

Well - actually - I'm quitting smoking cigarettes right now. So bitter is a good word for what I am feeling.

As for American college campus bullshyt - I don't see how it relates to anger over clear cronyism from the boys in charge. Incidentally - I support a large gas tax and significant de-regulation - thus allowing the "free" market to actually work to our advantage.

Besides, I am no longer in college and work in a company about the size of yours.

I'm glad to hear that you are financially secure, and I'm sure that you'll keep on voting Republicans into office until you realize that they are setting up tax hikes for the working middle class (YOU).
Re: Necessity is the mother of invention

I can't believe you said "large gas tax" and "free market" in the same sentence without the word 'not' in beween. As in: A market with a large gas tax is NOT a free market. Also, replace the word gas with any other word and the same holds true. Free markets and taxes are mutually exclusive.

Raising taxes for middle class: Show me a bill that a majority of rebublicans favored, AND a majority of democrats opposed, that raised taxes for the middle class. I'll give you a hint: You wont find one.
Thanks for the advice

Thanks for the advice fratboy. Living in California as I do, it's easy to see how those evil Republicans have screwed up this place.

As PJ O'rourke once said, "When Republicans ruin the environment, plunder the treasury and screw the taxpayer, at least someone makes a buck off of it. Democrats do it just for fun."
Re: Necessity is the mother of invention

Hey Gooseman - I said "setting up" tax hikes - that will undoubtedly go into effect after this administration leaves office.

The point is - Bush isn't balancing the budget, but he IS cutting tax for the super rich and cutting aid for the super poor. Generally speaking - this leaves the working middle class to make up the money that the dividend tax and interest tax (due to new "lifetime savings" plan) would have made. Of course, none of this is going to happen NOW, but it's already in process.

Anyway - lets go back to talking about motorcycles because we obviously don't get along talking about politics - and this isn't the forum for it anyway.

Buzglyd: I'm not a frat boy and never was - 'nuff said.
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