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I would take issue with your Joe Rocket comment actually. Up here in Vancouver its seems to be a fairly even split (IMHO) of Joe Rocket, First Gear and Leather.


Most shops here have a JR or FG preference and of course being Vancouver you want rain protection above all. Not that it's been raining here much recently...riding in January; who'da'thunk it. Average temp's of about 7 degrees (thats 40-something for you yanks).


I can speak with confidence that the Joe Rocket Revolution jacket is a solid investment. I have ridden through a solid downpour (no fairing either) for about 2 hrs and when I got to my destination I had pools of water in my boots and gloves but the upper body was dry...except where my helmet dripped down my neck. I even kept my digital camera in the right-upper-external front pocket with no concerns.

It vents like crazy during summer, the zip-out fleece jacket is adds good warmth for fall/winter/spring, the integrated backpack rocks, replacable body armor (shoulders and elbows) and it has enough pockets that you look like you are having a seizure patting them all to find your keys :)

Got it on sale as well!

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