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I noticed something about my cornering technique recently and it was kind of an "ah-ah" moment. I've been riding again after a 25 year break. I rode a series of four different bikes all through my 20s. I NEVER rode for pleasure. They were simply a mode of transportation. (Or to try and pick up chicks with.) I even did a stint as a motorcycle messenger for a big law firm. I was paid by how fast I got from A to B and how many deliveries I could make in an afternoon. Back then, I never even wore a helmet and I'd lane split on the freeway at dusk at 60 mph. I can hardly believe I did that! So, even though I was never "trained" I thought I at least had some skills. Maybe a few bad habits, too. :(

Jump forward 25 years and two divorces and I just bought myself another bike. I'm a little embarrassed to say what it is… No, it's not a Hyabusa, but not far off. (BTW, I did take a beginning safety course.)

Anyway, I noticed recently that if I go into a corner even moderately hard it somehow seems easier if I kind of counterbalance with my head. Do you know what I mean? I had been going into corners and leaning my body with the bike, including my head, which distorts your view sideways, right? But I just noticed that if I lift my head up a little more near vertical I feel more confident about the turn.

Does any of that make sense? Am I doing it all wrong?
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A real simple trick a buddy let me in on was to point your inside elbow in the direction of the turn. In Bob's pick above you see his elbow in tight. Just raising your elbow up and out sets your body ever so slightly in a better positon for the turn and made turn in that much easier. Try lifting your chicken wing (chicken dance anyone?) as you tip in and see what you think. Granted I hang off alot and have no peg feelers left but that little tip was interesting to say the least. Think "Spies", AKA, "Elbows."
Dude, where ya been?

Those posts were last September.

Back road Bob looks like he has shytty technique in that picture if you ask me.
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