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Corrections to Honda VTX Story

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ha ha, you guys messed up! stupid stupid stupid......
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I think it shows their professionalism to put this correction on the front of their site for everyone to see....

They, apparently, got the wrong info at the briefing that they attended. I think it shows a lot of humility and sincerity for them to immediately post a correction so openly...most print magazines would run a small correction box (with tiny font) buried in the pages of small ads at the back of their magazine, if at all!

Thanks for the corrections MO!
Your a Troll

IF all you can do is post pure negativity, I will not be surprised if you IP address gets banned here. Remember that this is a private site, not public, free speech is not a right, but a privilege.
Re: Your a Troll

Not that I disagree with you, but your arguement would be a lot more credible if you learned spelling and grammar. Your title should have been "You're a Troll" not "Your a Troll" You're is a contraction of "You are". We learned all of this in third grade, remember?
I should have proofread! Oops!

I misspelled "argument" -- the joke's on me!
Those goofs are pretty minor, I have seen print mags make bigger mistakes. The beauty here is that the mistakes can be fixed asap. Print mags have to wait a month to put a contraction in a small colum. If someone does read the correction they probably forgot the original article. MO not only told you within hours of learning of the mistakes, but those who read the article from this point forward won't even know there was a problem.
Re: Your a Troll

thanks for pointing out basic spelling to these morons...
Hey did you even read the mistakes made and why they were??? The bike related mistakes were not mistakes at the time of posting. Honda had not given MO up to date information, so go email honda and tell them how far behind they are. And the one about the 7 mile honda oval......i could give a less whether it is flat or banked.
Hah, I cant believe some of you guys, If you dont like this site then why do you keep coming back? The print mags dont put out 1/5 of the info that I find on this site. These guys arn't competing with the print mags. They are different. Not bettter not worse, different. I like the fact that they are quick. They found a few mistakes and they fixed them quick. Hell, i read the article a couple of days ago and I dont even remember them talking about a track. So i guess the the questions of banks or not is moot.

Ride smart People

Ducky Dave
Did you ever read 1984 by Orwell? Wasn't it Winston's job to change the old newspaper stories so that they said what the government wanted them to say? It sounded ridiculous when I read it a decade or two ago.
MO kicks proffesional booty

I don't get the idiots who slam MO for making corrections. Like CycleWorld has never gotten anything wrong.

MO get's the info up a month to 2 months before I

see it anywhere else. I get to write feedback with

other motornuts and with MO itself. The articles are better written and much more fun than the paper rags.

If getting cycle info to me as fast as MO means they have to post a correction two days latter what do I care.

Besides which one of thes a-retentive idiots is saying to themselves:

"If only I knew three days ago that the VTX exceeds CARB Tier 2 year 2008 emission levels instead of just the 2004 levels....that would have changed everythhing!!!!"

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Re: glass houses.

argument has only one 'e', tough guy.
Re: glass houses.

I know, tough guy. That's why I noticed it three days before you did. (See my reply, posted minutes after the original post) Now why don't you work on basic capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure? Too busy washing all of the those "glass house" windows?
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