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MO kicks proffesional booty

I don't get the idiots who slam MO for making corrections. Like CycleWorld has never gotten anything wrong.

MO get's the info up a month to 2 months before I

see it anywhere else. I get to write feedback with

other motornuts and with MO itself. The articles are better written and much more fun than the paper rags.

If getting cycle info to me as fast as MO means they have to post a correction two days latter what do I care.

Besides which one of thes a-retentive idiots is saying to themselves:

"If only I knew three days ago that the VTX exceeds CARB Tier 2 year 2008 emission levels instead of just the 2004 levels....that would have changed everythhing!!!!"

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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