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Cortec Jacket Review: No replacing an original...

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Re: No replacing an original...

Looks like an overpriced fabric jacket to me.

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Re: test subjects

Sounds like a good idea to me. Maybe it would be a perfect system, but we could make some relative statements.

I think Motorcycle Consumer News did something similar years ago by putting sand bags in jackets and then dragging them behind a pickup truck. Nice simple ranking system if less than perfect.
Re: No replacing an original...

What gives with all the chatter about material compositions around a jacket review?

Everyone alive knows what Denier is without knowing, needing to know, or caring about what the actual composition and break-down points are of the stuff.

Besides, that parentetical was probably to explain how it's important to US as riders.... This is a motorcycle venue, not the forums @ F.I.T.!

I'm surprised you didn't say something about the use of the word "quality" next to the "YKK zippers" words.

Denier is everywhere - do you question Nike when they tell you they used it on your shoes? Or Kelty in your backack? Probably not - we all just say to

ourselves, a higher number must be better!

BTW, for the one person that cares, roctex is one of those non-woven materials you'll find in many automobiles and new construction products. Think about the lining of your car's trunk - looks sprayed in there doesn't it. The Finnish product Roctex is better for US because its heat resistant.... think

mufflers, heat shielding and more in the motorcycle realm.

thanks for raving! helps me reduce tension during rough mornings...

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Re: No replacing an original...

I'm glad to know you understand denier without knowing what it is. That is a level of comprehension I've never attained. Of course, if they wanted to explain why it was important, they should have gotten the explanation right. At the very least they could go back and fix it now.

I actually appreciated them noting the rubber tipped YKK zippers. YKK generally does make a quality product and little things like rubber tipping the pulls makes them so much easier to use with gloved hands.

As for denier numbers being everywhere, I can't really comment. If you think higher is better, though, I'd recommend you stay away from buying stockings for a woman. You'll be sorely disappointed if you choose 100 denier stockings over a nice pair of 15s.

Side note: I typoed before, sorry. I ment the RockTex that Joe Rocket says is a trademarked fabric in all their gear. Unfortunately, I can't find any matching trademark in US or Canada. So if there isn't a RockTex(tm) why do they claim it and what is it?
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Re: Denier and other comments

Notwithstanding the denier misinformation, and the bizarre "fabric is superior to leather" comment, how about a comment on this jacket's looks? I see a big frowning face on the front.
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