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Could it be ...

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Good to see ABBA is still getting work.

Though I question the wisdom of doing a remake of "Xanadu."
Which one was Shawn supposed to look like? ;)
Photoshop is good for more than just showing wheelie-ing GoldWings.

FYI - Pugatchova ( better trasncription from Cyrilic ) was ( I am not sure if she still is ) a popular singer from 80s in former Soviet Union.
That's an album cover? I thought it was a dirty Italian movie from the 70's
Perhaps it's time to re-post the photo of Sean as KPaul!
No, just more of the office clubhouse fun, i.e., crap, you idiots at MO think we would be at all interested in. If it were a free sight I'd put up with it, but I don't need to pay for some MO office humor that you think is funny.
It would be nice if YOU weren't around here any more.

You don't have to put up with this crap, so go away then.
Someone needs help. I would NEVER allow a photo like this to get away from me. I hope he is dead - if he is not - he will never live this down!
wow Cashley is HOT in new `do and caftan...
is that a buell?

is that the new buell all-terrain vehicle she's driving?
Re: is that a buell?

good one man. Actually i think that is GM prototype next generation hybrid SUV.
Give me your address and I'll mail you the dollar you wasted this month.
I am sure it would stir things up more than 16 posts worth of hate, redicule, etc. I have big shoulders. I't's a big responsibility but I'll do it.....
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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