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Could Pocket Bikes Help Track-Junkies?

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To answer the trackday question: I think a pocketbike would get in the way of the real bikes, but what you need to do is find one of those kids novelty go-kart tracks to race on. I've seen pocketbikes going for 450 CDN at the auto auction here. I think they're the cheap chinese knock-offs.
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1. No

2. Maybe

3. Good question. No but we can dream. No minuses all positive if it did. In the US (now called Jesusland after last Tuesday, red states) cars rule. In the blue states now part of the USC, United States of Canada, there is hope because of the progressive nature of it's citizens. :)
The new map of North America.

LOL. Good one. I wish I could post the new map going around that shows all the red states being called Jesusland and all the blue states merged with Cananda (and called the United States of Canada). Send me mail and I'll send it to anyone that wants it.
That's what exit pollers found to be the prevalent beliefs out in Utah. They must have talked to you....:). I am sure Utah feels a lot safer banning gay they allow polygamy to flourish underground. We have the largest deficits in history, an unecessary War and tax cuts for the rich, but boy at least the gays can't get married.

Now I feel better thanks seruzaWacko for opening the door
Red State idiot (facts and data time again) Red State morality..

I don't see how he can be, he didn't make any sense at all. All I heard was he was concerned about big government and moral values. Yet Bush has created the largest federal budget deficit in history by continuing the growth in government while giving the rich a tax cut during in a war. As far as morals. Bush is not a moral champ. He goes AWOL and never completes his tour of duty (Kerry does 2 tours of Nam). His dad pulls strings to get him in Yale despite his 200 pt lower test scores than other Yale Freshmen. This means he cheated to get in and someone else was left out. Is that an example of good morality? He did the same thing to get in the Air Guard. He skipped OTS while others had to go. Is that moral? . He never worked an honest days work. Is that moral?

We have the largest deficits in history caused by an unecessary War and tax cuts for the rich, but boy at least the gays can't get married. Where is the logic and deep thinking in that?
Agreed but is Bush a true Replublican or a Religous zealout who wants to detroy separation of Church and State. We have the largest deficits in history, an unecessary War and tax cuts for the rich, but boy at least the gays can't get married.

Keep in mind Bush was a failure in every business he tried and the government bailed him out by building the Texas Rangers a new stadium.
Fiscal Policy for Dummies and San DeEggo State grads.

Tax cuts without a reduction in government expeditures is not a tax cut but a tax hike deferred. This is what Bush is doing. Kind of like when you bought that MV on credit with out selling your Ducati. The bill will come due eventually. Short-term every one feels better because of the tax-cut but then the higher interest rates make it feel much worse. Note to Buz as predicted by KPaul the Fed is going to raise rates. Also the dollar is falling due to our trade deficit. So this short term euphoria by Bush fans is almost over. Reality is a *****. Bush's old man can't help him now.
Remember that KPaul is GOP not liberal-> Colorado GOP says no to Religous Right.

"Republicans enjoy a large advantage among registered voters in Colorado, but the electorate was clearly sending the GOP a message ( when it shifted the legislature to the Democrats) We are likely to see a gradual shift away from the conservative agenda focused on tax cuts and spending cuts to one that accommodates funding for education, health care and a clean environment.

Some strategists believe the legislative upset was a repudiation of Republican Gov. Bill Owens, who has frequently been at odds with Democrats on fiscal issues. In addition, social conservatives have dominated the legislative agenda in recent years, alienating moderate Republicans with highly divisive measures that targeted activist judges, liberal college professors, gay couples and even bookstore owners"

KPaul proud of his home state where being a moderate Republican with a live and let live attitude toward social issues is alive and well


Registered Republican who thinks W is an idiot.
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Facts and Data for Bushies who watch Fox every night.

I did look it up and you are totally wrong buzBoy. Because Clinton balanced the budget all kinds of interest rates fell. Didn't they make you take in Econ when you were getting your Poli Sci degree.

Facts and data
KPaul is not a lefty Bushie idiot (Peebad)

Sorry I don't get HBO Bill Mahr and Daily Show is too late for my bed time. This is all my original thought sorry... I am a registered Republican you bigot.. I like McCain, Arnold, Specter, etc.

You Bushies can't answer the fact that Bush lowered taxes on the Rich during an unneccessary war. This caused the largest budget deficit in U.S. history

Some day a president will have to lower government expeditures or raise taxes to clean up this mess. His dad Bush Sr did (raised taxes) and it cost him an election.....
Long-term rates for dummies.

Those are short-term rates not long-term rates. Anyone that has bought a house in the last few years knows the difference..... Even so compare those short-term rates with the Reagan and Bush Sr. years you still lose this one. Look at the long-term rates buzBoy. Mortgage rates went down dramatically during the Clinton years because of the balancing of the budget. I'll send you why budget deficits are bad stuff again...
Re: Stolen Elections

Actually California and Washington are still adding votes. I think the margin has fallen to 3 million.
Check Mate

click here

Look at the 30 year and 15 year min rate. Right smack in the middle of the Clinton years,

Check Mate
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