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Could Pocket Bikes Help Track-Junkies?

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To answer the trackday question: I think a pocketbike would get in the way of the real bikes, but what you need to do is find one of those kids novelty go-kart tracks to race on. I've seen pocketbikes going for 450 CDN at the auto auction here. I think they're the cheap chinese knock-offs.
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Holy $h!t! Someone who's actually on topic!

Wow! From what you've said, you could be blastin bears or pickin possies.

Honestly, without knowing the variables: location, age, compitition, traffic, income of locals and Profit From Retail: bike sales, Tshirts, fuel, garage space, blah, blah, blah...there's no way to give you a valid answer.

As for myself, I'd probably be willing to pay $15.00 per hr / $35.00 for 3 hrs (with me providing the bike and everything else) but I live in a depressed area (NE Pa). What the market will bear in your area is anybody's guess.

However, "Ride whenever ya damn well please," doesn't sound like a very good idea, if you want to get maximum profit vs track use.

But, like I said, I got no Idea what you're up against.

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Fiscal Policy for Dummies and San DeEggo State grads.

Tax cuts without a reduction in government expeditures is not a tax cut but a tax hike deferred. This is what Bush is doing. Kind of like when you bought that MV on credit with out selling your Ducati. The bill will come due eventually. Short-term every one feels better because of the tax-cut but then the higher interest rates make it feel much worse. Note to Buz as predicted by KPaul the Fed is going to raise rates. Also the dollar is falling due to our trade deficit. So this short term euphoria by Bush fans is almost over. Reality is a *****. Bush's old man can't help him now.
If you think you aren't surrounded by mullet-wearing alcoholics at motorcycle races then you haven't been to the BIR AMA round. I swear every ******* in the tri-state area shows up with couches and kegs bolted to snowmobile trailers so they can tool around getting whilst getting drunk. The fights are entertaining too.
Re: Fiscal Policy for Dummies and San DeEggo State grads.

Thanks for dropping all the political crap there KPail.

Fact #1 - Interest rates went up when Clinton was president not down. Look it up before you call me stupid.

Fact #2 - I didn't buy the MV on credit.

Now please stop inserting yourself into a conversation where you're not invited.
hmmm, it's all about perception I guess......Socialists have been in charge since FDR and have yet to succesfully solve any social problem despite the mountains of cash gleaned off of the taxpaying public for their social engineering/vote buying schemes. They have, however, managed to make many problems worse.

This is because they believe that central planning can fly in the face of all economic law and rationality and still work. News flash---it doesn't.

The modern political philosophy that the founders most closely identified with would have been libertarianism. They fought a war to shuffle off goverment burdens and restrictions that were but a tiny fraction of what is placed on us today. They also said that the public interest was liberty, not social services. If you're going to call libertarians selfish pricks then you are applying that label to the founders of America, the guys that set up the political system that made this country free and prosperous. Only because of the framework they built do modern social busybodies and collectivists have enough time to spout off about "economic injustice" on their high-speed cable connections from their air-conditioned homes. The rest of the (relatively, we're certainly not living in 1776 anymore) unfree world is too busy eeking out a living under tyrannical and semi-tyrannical rule to worry about what their neighbor contributes to their social security trust fund.
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Re: KPail

Yeah, I watch the Daily Show and Bill Mahr's show, too. That seems to be where you're getting your material from. Keep thinking in sound bites. You'll be able to figure it all out in about, uh, never.

By the way, Bill Mahr had a guy named Andrew Sullivan on his show last night. He summed up the whole problem with your gang perfectly. He also ripped Mahr and the other Left wing apologists/conspiracy theorists/biggots/whiners real good.

By the way, Sullivan is gay, a Democrat, and was a Kerry supporter.

Mahr also had Noam Chomsky on, and treated him with extreme deference. So respectful was Bill of Chomsky, an MIT professor, an unabashed America-hater, and an ardent supporter of the former U.S.S.R., he probably would have humped his leg had he actually been in the studio instead of being on a video feed.

The Left likes to talk about the "hateful, biggoted, fear-mongering, close-minded Right." I think maybe they should look in the mirror for once.

All they've done is hate people who don't agree with them since the last election.
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You're painfully generalizing churches now to equate a few southern-evangelical mega-churches, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and the Catholics to Christianity at large. This is far from accurate. The Episcopal Church has embraced nearly any liberal ideology you desire to the point that their committment to the Gospel is in major doubt. My particular church, a large northern-european baptist ancestry church, has a pastoral staff that were, in large part, agonizing over the question of whether to vote for Bush based on his unjust Iraq war. The fact that he was a Christian was of little consequence to many of us if he didn't choose to subsequently govern like one.
Re: Red State idiot (facts and data time again) Red State morality..

I've been on the sidelines lately. I hoped this would all die down a bit by now. But I had to put myself back in the game, Coach. The loonies are trying to revise history again. I don't expect KPail to listen to reason. I just hope some other other close-minded stooge might stumble by and have the dim light in his or her head switched on for a moment.
I can't help but to bite on this claim to hate the church but simultaneously claim the theological knowledge to assert that Jesus would be a socialist.

#1: Jesus told the prostitute "go and sin no more", not "go and pass a law against prostitution."

#2: One of the themes of the Christmas story is the hardship Joseph and Mary had to suffer because of government regulation compelling Joseph to take his young, preganant wife on a long and hard journey, primarily by foot, to his town of origin to be taxed.

#3: 2 Corinthians 9:7---Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. [does this appear compatible with compulsive taxation for social causes??]
My Favorite Bumper Sticker...

Jesus Is Coming Back

Everybody look busy
Re: I'll respond

This guy kpaul needs professional help. But, on a serious note, his rants regarding Fox News, for instance, could get sued since his constant bad behavior is apparently condoned.
Re: Red State idiot (facts and data time again) Red State morality..

We should just let it go. KPail is simply a wrecker. He posts only to create the maximum disturbance and is probably posting on liberal sites calling them all wackos too. The election is over so no need to get worked up any more. Time to put KPail back on the complete ignore mode.

I have to admit though. He is the most effective person I've ever seen for making people hate him. Must not have a life at all.
Yeah, I get what you're saying, but what I'm trying to say is let's get rid of money altogether. Less competition and more cooperation. Think of socialism beyond the constructs of our society or beyond the what has already happened in mankind's history. Yes, I am being idealistic and utopian, but wasn't Jesus the ultimate idealist?
Re: KPail

There is far too much hate on both sides of this equation. I admit to being part of the problem myself. It's difficult not to get passionate about things you believe in. But I do, earnestly, hope for a better way.
I think your point of our founding fathers being more inline with libertarians is only partly valid. Our founding fathers had some vehement disagreements with eachother, you know, the entire Hamilton and Jefferson deal. Furthermore I doubt that you could compare our founding fathers to the so called libertarians of today.

As for the socialist thing, yes I do believe it is a matter of perception and I do believe yours to be incorrect. I only wish I could argue this point better, but since I can't, allow me to point you to a short article written a long time ago, that states what I believe better than I can in my own words. I ask that you give it a read, and that you give your informed opinion.
Yes an idealist, but not an anarchist.
My only disagreement with socialism is the use of the govt gunbarrel to force people who work (and deserve the rewards of their labor) to contribute to those who won't.

The differences are apparent when you compare private charities with govt welfare programs. Private charities uniformly provide better help at a fraction of the cost. The problem with govt "charity" is simply that the bureaucracy is like any other bureaucracy in that it expands and takes actions that create a permanent underclass. And it fights as hard as any agency to protect its turf. The people it purports to help become merely pawns. This result of govt charity is inescapable, period.

A fine current example is the UN's Oil-for-Food scandal, the worst in known human history. Or look at UNICEF. They can't provide aspirin or penicillin to the poor in Africa but by God they sure can distribute all the condoms anyone might ever need (check out the writings of Malthus to understand why this is).

Then there's the US Social Security system that now gives free drugs to the richest demograpic group in the US (the elderly). It also supports heroin addicts habits. Funds Electro-Shock "Treatment" and.... well the list goes on and on.

The entire concept of "the poor" is a lie now anyhow. The "poverty line" in the US is about equal with the middle class in most European nations. The govt falsely labels people "poor" to justify our insanely expensive and ineffective social services.

Aside form a few simple functions like Fire Departments and paving roads the only thing the govt is uniformly good at is generating useless jobs for the sub-intelligent. Most bureaucrats would be fired if they tried to work at MacDonalds. (My apologies to any MacDonalds employees out there for comparing them to govt employees).
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Points to consider. And I will. I appreciate your insight.
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