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Could Pocket Bikes Help Track-Junkies?

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To answer the trackday question: I think a pocketbike would get in the way of the real bikes, but what you need to do is find one of those kids novelty go-kart tracks to race on. I've seen pocketbikes going for 450 CDN at the auto auction here. I think they're the cheap chinese knock-offs.
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Remember that KPaul is GOP not liberal-> Colorado GOP says no to Religous Right.

"Republicans enjoy a large advantage among registered voters in Colorado, but the electorate was clearly sending the GOP a message ( when it shifted the legislature to the Democrats) We are likely to see a gradual shift away from the conservative agenda focused on tax cuts and spending cuts to one that accommodates funding for education, health care and a clean environment.

Some strategists believe the legislative upset was a repudiation of Republican Gov. Bill Owens, who has frequently been at odds with Democrats on fiscal issues. In addition, social conservatives have dominated the legislative agenda in recent years, alienating moderate Republicans with highly divisive measures that targeted activist judges, liberal college professors, gay couples and even bookstore owners"

KPaul proud of his home state where being a moderate Republican with a live and let live attitude toward social issues is alive and well


Registered Republican who thinks W is an idiot.
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Facts and Data for Bushies who watch Fox every night.

I did look it up and you are totally wrong buzBoy. Because Clinton balanced the budget all kinds of interest rates fell. Didn't they make you take in Econ when you were getting your Poli Sci degree.

Facts and data
KPaul is not a lefty Bushie idiot (Peebad)

Sorry I don't get HBO Bill Mahr and Daily Show is too late for my bed time. This is all my original thought sorry... I am a registered Republican you bigot.. I like McCain, Arnold, Specter, etc.

You Bushies can't answer the fact that Bush lowered taxes on the Rich during an unneccessary war. This caused the largest budget deficit in U.S. history

Some day a president will have to lower government expeditures or raise taxes to clean up this mess. His dad Bush Sr did (raised taxes) and it cost him an election.....
Why do I waste my time

Interesting that you get your "facts and data" from a Clinton website. You never cease to amaze me that's for sure.

Now here's the real facts gleaned from the Federal Reserve website not a political website. Funny how you were too stupid to find this.

1992 3.52

1993 3.02

1994 4.21

1995 5.83

1996 5.30

1997 5.46

1998 5.35

1999 4.97

2000 6.24

The info above is a 12 month avg of the Fed Funds rate for each year of the Clinton administration.

It's amazing in engineering school no one taught you how to be a human being instead of a pathological misanthrope.
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Re: KPail

True. But what you must remember is that the ideologues on both sides push everyone further to the extremes until most of us can't look at any issue rationally. That's basically all I've been saying since the beginning.

What I find incredible, though, is the far Left’s assertion that they own the moral high ground. That everyone who doesn’t share all of their views is either evil or amoral. They call themselves "enlightened" and "evolved" and anyone who doesn’t agree with them is subhuman. Plus, they’ve been in all out attack mode from the beginning of Bush’s first term. They’ve hated him before he ever gave them any reason. They’ve even had the gall to insist that the mainstream media was is shilling for the Republicans. And now they’re trying to float the theory that the Republicans stole this election. They can’t accept that they lost. Don’t you find this a little troubling? Sounds a bit like the Orwellian nightmare to me.

Of course, the fundamentalist Right worries me, too. But, they’re so transparent about their beliefs that they seem much easier to combat. Plus they don’t have the access to the media that the Left has.
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Re: KPaul is not a lefty Bushie idiot (Peebad)

You don't have an original thought. You've proven that time and time again.

This is not the largest deficit in U.S. history as a percentage of the GNP. Secondly, I don't like the large deficit either. However, I don't vote on one issue alone and am at least sophisticated enough to understand that their are complex issues behind sound bites.

You keep licking your wounds there, genius.
When I read history, christian wars seem to be the most unjust of them all. Maybe he is governing like one. and those must be some mega "southern evangical mega-churches" to make that kind of vote swing.

Even if the suposed"word" of the good book (who edited that thing anyway) doesn't say it, I think Jesus has some fun on a pocket bike sometimes just for kicks.
Re: Red State idiot (facts and data time again) Red State morality..

I thought this was a liberal sight!
Stolen Elections

I agree, but if I remember correctly the right wing went on attack mode with Clinton right off the bat too. The right also makes similar claims about the media. As far as this being a stolen election, it just may be. Just a couple of examples, in one small precinct in Ohio, where there was a total of some 638 votes only, the report was that Bush recieved some 4,258 votes! How is that even possible? Then in New Mexico, before a single ballot was even counted, Bush was somehow given thousands of votes! The entire provisional and absentee ballot thing is especially troubling considering there is no procedure set in place to for auditing these things. I do think there is some funny business going on here. I think a big part of the problem are these E-Vote machines, which are utterly suceptible to hacking and fraudelent manipulation. Furthermore, 4 Ohio counties bought these E-machines from the Diebold Corporation, which is incredibly partisan in favor of the Republicans, and whose CEO Wally O'Dell is a Bush fundraiser and who promised to help "Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President."

I have no doubt that the Republicans were up to something fishy... here's a quote from an article I've read:

Damschroder is the former Executive Director of the Franklin County Republican Party, and sources close to the Board of Elections tell the Free Press that Damschroder and Ohio’s Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell met with President Bush in Columbus on Election Day.

The Dispatch also confirmed a Free Press story, posted on Election Day, involving far fewer voting machines in predominantly black Democratic inner-city voting wards. On page one, under the misleading headline, "Suburbs were busiest even with more machines," the Dispatch reports that: "As seasoned voters in many of Columbus’ predominantly black neighborhoods waited in long lines Tuesday, they quickly recognized that the crush of new voters wasn’t the sole cause of congestion. There also were fewer voting machines." In one precinct, the Free Press reported 12 voters leaving due to work or because they were handicapped or elderly.

Prior to Election Day, the Republican Party in Ohio planned to utilize an archaic Ohio election law to place Republican poll challengers in every polling site. The strategy, according to Republican insiders, was to clog the voting lines in predominantly black Democratic wards in urban areas, so voters would turn away in frustration. When that plan came under heavy media scrutiny, federal courts in Ohio ruled against it, and a massive Election Protection Coalition operation was put in place to monitor the polling sites, Republican Central Committee sources say that Damschroder instituted "Plan B."

One Republican Central Committee member told the Free Press that Damschroder held back up to 2000 machines and dispersed many of the other machines to affluent suburbs in Franklin County.

The Free Press has previously documented massive Republican voter suppression techniques leading up to this year’s election in an article entitled "Twelve Ways Bush is now Stealing the Ohio Vote": The growing election irregularities suggest that John Kerry conceded too soon, and that spoiled ballots, provisional ballot, e-voting glitches and partisan manipulation by Republican election officials deprived the Senator of the victory projected in Zogby and CNN exit polls. The lesson voters in Ohio take away from this election is that every vote doesn’t count and computer glitches count more.

I don't know if you get the program in your neck of the woods, but I listen to a radio show called "Democracy Now" during my morning commute. Of course, it is something of a leftist show, but if there is a grain of truth to what they are saying, then I am indeed troubled by the numbers associated with this election. More than anything, I think we need to find an accurate, standardized method of voting, so that in the future these things don't remain in question. I do think Kerry conceded too early.

If there is an iota of truth to any of these assertations that the Republicans have tampered with the election, then how can I, in good conscience, concede a victory for Bush without a dogged fight?
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Re: Red State idiot (facts and data time again) Red State morality..

Sorry Stoney, but I think that it is possible that liberals are a minority on this site.

Pass the dutchie 'pon the left hand side.
Re: Stolen Elections

Absolutely the Right went on attack with Clinton. If you had known me then, you would have heard me say how ridiculous most of that was, too. At least, up until the time of Lewinskygate. But the level of hate was nothing close to what's been heaped on Bush.

I never loved Clinton. And I do think that some of his actions were disgraceful. But I did vote for him once.

What I find so disgusting is that these shrill Lefties are the ultimate hypocrites. They really believe it is their right to have their candidate as President. They can't imagine how Kerry could have lost. And everyone who didn't vote for him is either stupid or evil. This from the people who preach tolerance and understanding. Well, apparently, only if you subscribe to their understanding.

There are reports of vote irregularities. But consider where the reports are coming from--most are partisan web sites and publications. Apparently, some of the official numbers released don't add up at first glance either, though. I'm keeping my eye on that. Let's see if there are any plausible explainations before anyone goes screaming "FRAUD!" By the way, no one knows how these errors may have really helped either of the candidates. Apparently you didn't hear about the report of e-voting machines in Philadelphia with 2,000 votes logged for Kerry before the polls even opened. Of course not. That doesn't help the Left's cause at all. But who knows if that's true, too?

The pollwatchers in Ohio were going to be sent to challenge illegitimate voters, not clog the polls. That is really a ridicuolous spin. Fact is, the Left doesn't even want you to have to show ID when you vote. In many places you don't even have to prove who you are to vote. Is that ensuring a fair election? And since the Dems were counting on a big election turnout, and there were already reports of ficticious voters and multilple voters, I would say that that is a really weak acusation. Oh, and by the way, those pollwatchers in Ohio never showed up according to Air America Radio (you know, the Al Franken network--which I listen to a bit every day).

Let's see how the vote thing pans out.

As far as the mainstream media is concerned, I think the Right makes a far more convincing case for bias against them than the Left does. Please, most journalists in the mainstream media are admitted liberals or Democrats. And I rarely saw anything that remotely resembled critisism of Kerry. How did they treat Bush? Really, think about it.

And since when did polls superseed actual votes? Yes, the exit polls could have been wrong. For example, in consumer research people often lie. They answer in a way in which they think they should answer, not the way they really feel. But that may only be a small part of it. There seems to be good reason to question the sampling techniques. And there is also the theory that the Democrats flooded the polling places with voters to suppress later voting. Am I saying that that is fact? No.

I'm just saying the sword cuts both ways.

We often believe what we want to believe. That doesn't mean it's the truth.
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Re: Red State idiot (facts and data time again) Red State morality..

Actually, this is a motorcycle site. Although you wouldn't know it sometimes.

Sorry, we do have a tendency to get caught up in this crap.
Long-term rates for dummies.

Those are short-term rates not long-term rates. Anyone that has bought a house in the last few years knows the difference..... Even so compare those short-term rates with the Reagan and Bush Sr. years you still lose this one. Look at the long-term rates buzBoy. Mortgage rates went down dramatically during the Clinton years because of the balancing of the budget. I'll send you why budget deficits are bad stuff again...
Re: Long-term rates for dummies.

Wrong again. Mortgage rates went up. I bought my house in 1993 on an adjustable rate mortgage. It went up every year during Billy's term.

Plus, mortgage rates have very little to do with the Federal Reserve. Mortgages are bundled and sold on Wall St.

I proved you wrong and now you're trying to change the subject.

I'm re-entering ignore mode again along with Seruzawa. You're a waste of air.
Re: Stolen Elections

Good points and analysis. Hey, I'm glad that we can have civil discussion.
better keynes than the bible. keynes' policies helped the western world move on from the depression. the bible is fine, but the way people interpret isnt (generally speaking). Nobody ever went on a crusade because of anything keynes said, thats for sure.
Re: Stolen Elections

Yes, it is refreshing, ain't it?

A quick update on the vote controversy:

As I've been hearing from a few different political scientists, the shouts of fraud in Florida should die down a bit. Our typical arrogant and ignorant Yankee-types have been screaming how it's impossible that so many Democrats voted for Bush. Well, they were unaware of a very large group of people called "Dixiecrats" who often vote against party lines in national and state elections. "The Majority Report" on Air America (with Janine Garafalo and Sam Seder) was even forced to report this last night. I give them big props for doing the right thing.

Looks like the Ohio "more votes than voters" conspiracy is losing air, too. "The Majority Report" also reported that there seems to be a believeable explanation for having more votes than voters in some Ohio counties: Absentee ballots and provisional ballots. Looks like the conspiracy theorists forgot about them when it was conveinent.

None of this proves that there wasn't any wrongdoing anywhere, though. We should keep our eyes peeled. But please, keep your brains working, too.
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Re: Stolen Elections

Considering Bush won by 3.5 million votes I think the Majority Report might have to change its name.
Re: Stolen Elections

Actually California and Washington are still adding votes. I think the margin has fallen to 3 million.
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