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Is there a problem with the backlash?

This is on a 2000 rsvr I pulled my front sprocket cover to count teeth.the front is 16 and the rear is 43. My question is; is this stock and if not then what is. Also with the front sprocket off and the bike in gear if I turn the output shaft counter clockwise and mark it at the 12 0'clock spot I can turn the shaft clockwise to the 1 0'clock position. Is that too much slack in the gears? Seems excessive. What is normal? Thanks
Is there a problem? Usually they came with a 42/17 Looks like prior owner was looking for some more torque off the bottom. Is there aproblem with the backlash between the gears when your driving it? If not it's most likely normal.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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