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Take along Advil. One 800 mile day is no big issue if you can recover over the next several. However, stringing 3-4 500 to 750 mile days will make you sore in spots you never new you had. Build in some time for bad weather, road construction and illness. Something about eating away from home can stir the pot if you get my drift. Imodium really works. Take some sunscreen and put it anywhere any exposed skin pokes out. Four days of sun will cook you to bits if you don't pay attention. Make sure you have ear protection. The wind roar at 70 for four days can give you permanent hearing loss. Take along some sort of visor, shades, etc., to block low level sun and road-reflected light. Check your tire pressure before you leave and each morning there after. Poorly inflated tires on a big bike can result in complete tread removal in 2,000 miles. Install a throttle lock before you leave. Have the shop throw it in as part of the deal. The Connie will buzz a bit and will put your hands to sleep. The throttle lock will allow you to get the feeling back. Have fun, take some pictures, write it up and send it to MO.
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