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I bought a 2001 Concours last spring (a year ago) in North Carolina and rode it back to NYC; then my GF and I did a 9200 mile 2-up trip around the country on it in June. Connie never asked for anything other than scheduled maintenance. We had a tremendous time. Blog and pics at:

In terms of riding: I found that 300-350 mile days were comfortable; 400 mile days were do-able; 450 mile days made me feel like I was dead in the morning. Some Ironbutts will say there's nothing like a 800 mile day to make you feel alive, but they're not talking about the _next_ day's ride, IMHO.

The Concours community is basically right about this bike: she's a good compromise between size, power, and maneuverability; she's a little buzzy, and I'm always aware that she's "low-tech;" and, if you do your scheduled maintenance, she'll never ever leave you stranded. Great long-distance bike.

The GF and I are planning a trip up to the Bay of Fundy in July. ;) It's comfy 2-up, too.
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