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crotch rocket photos

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Mmmmm first post. Personally, I would like to see more straight on side shots, which help a lot in seeing the ergos on different bikes. Granted the rider height is a factor. It seems like shots are always at an angle.
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Fonzie can use me for the model for this series (for thumpers anyway) and EBass for the accompanying photos on what the bikes look like in a mirror.

LOL I too share trepass' view of crotch rockets passing me and I ride a sport bike. I am 40+ and getting fatter. So Yes a rear view of your tested bikes might help me. Most of the time I only have a few tenths of a second to id the bike.... if you know what I mean....
Getting old and slow has its compensations. Now I can ride around to my heart's content knowing that some young [email protected] is gonna go sailing by me on East Canyon Road and trigger the Utah Highway Patrol's laser gun before I do.

Thanks squids!
From one Geezer to another. My VFR has chrome underseat exhausts. The hairy tradesman crack is NOT part of the bike :)
It was a Hondayamakawizuki. There's close to a billion of them. If it was a Triumph he was your age.

You can beat any of these kids on sportbikes on any ride loop, any day of the week. Don't bring a cell phone, drink your coffee fast and don't talk to anybody. You'll be home before all of them, enjoying your afternoon nap! Trust me on this one.
Hey, trespass...beg, borrow or steal a ride on one of those things. WOW!

If I were 20 yrs younger and a few more pounds more than that lighter, I'd be in real trouble!

MO is right - great attitude. And Tigercub is right, too. Like the great PJ O'Rourke says: Age and Guile beats Youth, Innocence and a Bad Haircut - which is actually a title of one of his many wonderful books.
Welcome to my (slow) side of the street.
Look, MO, I don't care WHAT angle you shoot the photos from as long as you stop showing the front of the BMW R1200ST!

Sounds like a great bike, but it's a good thing you can't see it while you're riding it.
"I'm over 50 and getting fat. I still ride..." I could wrote that! I have progressed (regressed?) from a sport bike to a fast standard and now I am thinking cruiser. In a way it is really depressing but then, it is not as depressing as no riding!!! I fear my reflexes are not up to the task of riding a fast bike any more, plus when I am riding I try to use what the bike is capable of and so I am always trying to go fast or at least as fast as I can (no one will every mistake me for Bostrom etc!) So now I am getting to the point of wanting a bike to relax on and just enjoy being on the road without the self imposed pressure to ride it like I stole it! The great gods of motorcycling forgive me but I am actually thinking of a Road King.. I could get some Edelbrock heads, a big bore kit and remap the FI…damn, its in my blood…
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