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Cruise-Mate Throttle Lock for Indian Motorcycles

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The new Indian Motorcycles chose not to include a way to lock your throttle so on long rides your hand gets numb or you need your right hand to adjust something. Without being able to take your hand off the throttle it's a real pain. Well a fellow Indian rider bought and installed a Cruise-Mate throttle lock on his Chief. He took a chance and ordered the model for Victory Motorcycles and it turns out they use the same housing as the Indian Motorcycle Company (Kings Mountain) is now using. I ordered one for mine and installed it. Great product, easy to install and very reasonably priced. I produced a short video below to give you an idea how it works and looks. I wrote back to Cruise-Mate and told them how pleased I was with their product and they posted my photo and video on their site.

If you have one of the new Indian Chief Motorcycles and miss a way to lock your throttle to a cruise mode on long rides check out this solution that works perfectly.

Here's a link to Cruise-Mate's Indian Motorcycle page.
Cruise-Mate motorcycle cruise control for Indian motorcycles

YouTube - Indian Chief Motorcycle Cruise-Mate Throttle Lock.MPG
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