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Funny how everyone has jumped on the Cruiser band wagon these days.

Might as well get the origional and go with the Harley if I were to get one of these bikes.
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Re: Cruise-o-matic in Reverse

We is be old. Gak, I just choked on my oxygen tube...
Re: Cruise-o-matic in Reverse

Well the T100 ain't exactly a cruiser.

But I like where your head is at!
I just got home from work. Could somebody tell me... did Hell just freeze over?
No but Seattle did this week (freeze over). Abandoned cars all over the place: interstates, intersections etc.
Re: B-Back-o-rama!

One wasn´t a fake Harley. Unfortunately as it turned out

- cruiz-euro
The Vrod is your kinda bike if there ever was one. With the 100 mile range on the tiny tank you could rid 4 or 5 times without having to fill up.
Excellent idea. I have always wondered how a 1100cc V-Rod would do against other giants

- cruiz-euro
"I just got home from work. Could somebody tell me... did Hell just freeze over?"

You must be fairly new here. Kpaul saying something 180 degrees opposed to what he has said previously is as regular as an atomic clock. Also, any talk of buying any bike is purely hypothetical. Kind of like dark matter, but without the solid evidence.

Us old faggoty-assed 70 year olds who have survived the craziness of 130 mph super bike trips.
You guys really blew it on the title..

should've gone with:

The exact same is true of the Triumph Twins -- even for a wrench-impaired fellow like me, the Bonnie and all its variants are really easy to work on, and a little grease on the hands makes a BIG difference in the performance.

POPPY*****!! I've ridden the M50 at a demo day and not only is it a bucket of bolts, but venturing dangerously into the realm of Suzuki's Manura of by-gone eras in terms of sheer atrocity of style. No thanks, I would not make my decision on which of these bikes to buy based on this review, it makes no sense to me.
LOL Good one..
There are V-Rod's out and about that still have the original gas, I bet (but have been serviced 5 or 6 times!).
Jimmi! Where you been, man? I mean, people thought you've been D-E-D; Dead alla these years........
Nah man. The concrete suit they had me in turned out to be waterproof and I was able to withstand the chilly waters of the Hudson long enough to make my escape. I've been lurking here in the Great White North impersonating a Canuck motorcycle enthusiast ever since.
Why Not?

Hey, we've been sued for everything else, why not add plagairism to the list? Maybe we'll get away with it, like the writers of "Family Guy".

I would like to add my voice to the chorus of those who say nay decrying the absence of what would very likely have been the winning formula for this comparion; the Triumph America.

While I generally despise the typical cruisers ergonomics, the flimsy suspension unworthy of a Wal-Mart "mountain bike," the ground clearnace of a hovercraft, and, perhaps worst of all, the unimaginative "me-too" styling that screams to the world "I really wanted a Harley but couldn't swing the payments," the America (in particular the '07 version) transcends the far too familer cookie cutter formula by being, first and foremost, a copy of nothing but itself in a past life.

I've put somewhat more than a few miles on America's in the recent past and, with each ride, found myself impressed at how well this cruiser impersonates an honest-to-god functional motorcycle.

The handling is light and neutral, the ground clearance is well beyond adequate, the ride and roadholding characteristics run just slightly ahead of reproach, and the level of fit-n-finish belies the moderate cost.

Why, oh why, did you not see fit to include this fine machine in your comparo?

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