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I just came from the Poker Run, I ride a 1200 Low, but there was a friend of mine riding a Deluxe (my next bike..hopefully) and he had lowered the front with Harley Lowering gear, and then he had lowered the back with other market parts, I sat in it, I am 5'4 and my feet where very comfortably planted in the ground. In my 1200 Low I am just If it helps in any way, it is a very good option. Also my brother read an article about the new Harley Rocker, although I still havent seen it, in the article, written by a woman, it says it is by far the lowest bike tha HD has ever made and that it rides like a dream, so I am looking forward to seeing it and trying it as a good option for "next bike"....

Safe Riding!
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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