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Cycle Fest in Colorado

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You want upscale then hold up your pinky while swilling brewskis at Sturgis. I leave for the Black Hills tomorrow morning for a 600 miler to Sturgis. KPaul, even you might loosen your spincter enough to 'Fart' and have a good time.
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Have a safe ride, just lost a friend on the way to Sturgis on Saturday...
Now that was funny. Have a good time, ride safe.
600 miler huh, mine is only 300. I'm in eastern SD so I don't have far to go.
Not trying to sound morbid but what happened?

I have a number of friends at the rally right now and your comment made me think of them with hope that all are well and having a good time.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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